July 29, 2022  — 
Eric Swotinsky

LockBit ransomware hits numerous victims, including two townships

The Canadian town of St. Marys, Ontario, has been hit by a ransomware attack that locked staff out of internal systems and encrypted data. The small town of around 7,500 residents appears to be the second such target to be attacked by LockBit in just over a week.

As of July 14, LockBit listed data from the town of Frederick, Colorado (population ~15,000). This claim is currently under investigation by town officials. The LockBit gang is currently demanding a ransom of $200,000 in order to prevent publication of the data.

Just in the last three days, LockBit claims to have compromised 10 victims. The group took credit for 50 ransomware incidents in June 2022, making it the most prolific global ransomware group currently operating.

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