April 15, 2022  — 
Eric Swotinsky

Quantum extortion group hits airliner Jetstar

Qantas-owned airline Jetstar appears to have fallen victim to ransomware, the result of an attack by the Quantum extortion group.

Jetstar carries 9% of all passenger traffic in and out of Australia. The company is an undeniably high-value target, employing 25,000 people across all locations and reporting an annual revenue of $4.6 billion.

Quantum claims to have stolen financial, HR, payroll, and personal data for the majority of Jetstar's employees, as well as customer data. The group has not released any data as proof of the attack at this time. Jetstar states that they are aware of the claim by Quantum, and are investigating the potential incident, but have not yet indicated the discovery of any evidence that data was compromised.

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