Year-end perfect result for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for macOS by

The increasing sophistication of cyberthreats has made it imperative to have a cybersecurity solution that not only anticipates and reacts, but also adapts to the dynamic nature of modern attacks. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud continues to be a beacon of security, showcasing its prowess in the latest evaluation with outstanding results for macOS Ventura 13.6.1.

For more than a year, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Security has achieved a perfect score in every AV-Test regular certification under macOS. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud demonstrated its ability to provide airtight security against a plethora of malware, including both known and previously unseen threats. The solution's real-time protection mechanisms, coupled with advanced threat detection algorithms, earned it a perfect score in December’s evaluation. It detected 100% of 1,298 samples of widespread and prevalent malware chosen by AV-Test.


Low system impact, high performance

In addition to its stellar protection capabilities, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud showcased minimal impact on system performance. This is a game-changer for users who demand top-notch security without sacrificing the speed and efficiency of their macOS Ventura devices. For example, the Acronis product didn’t slow down the download of 50 frequently used applications — the industry average impact is 1% and more.

Additionally, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud produced zero false positives in all the tests: 92,701 samples of legitimate software during a system scan were all processed correctly. There were also no false warnings concerning certain actions carried out while installing and using 80 samples of legitimate software. The same amount of software was used to check false blockages of certain actions carried out while installing and using legitimate software, and again, no false positives.

A perfect score for the entire 2023 test series

Security is nonnegotiable, and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud has proven the epitome of excellence. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud achieved perfect scores in all four tests conducted during 2023, demonstrating that it is fortified against new and emerging threats.


With perfect scores in protection, a minimal system impact and a user-friendly interface, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud sets the bar high for comprehensive cybersecurity, ensuring that your digital world remains secure and resilient against the ever-evolving threat landscape.