How to Backup Before
Windows 10 Update

The Next Windows 10 Update is Coming

Microsoft just announced that development of the planned Windows 10 Update (dubbed the Windows 10 Creators Update) has entered the final “bug bashing” testing phase. That means it will likely hit the streets as soon as April.

While there are many new features to be excited for – including better security, privacy capabilities, enhanced gaming capabilities, and 3-D graphic upgrades – it’s worth remembering that past Windows updates haven’t always gone smoothly.

Hopefully your Windows update will be flawless, but creating a backup before you start will minimize the impact of any problems you might have.

Why Windows 10 Backup Is Crucial

During the last Windows 10 Upgrade there were horror stories of people who changed their operating system without first backing up their computer, and they lost everything. Precious photos. Important documents. Irreplaceable videos. Everything.

“I bought Acronis True Image 2017 through a discount program offered through my university but I want to post a review on Amazon because this is where I originally discovered Acronis. I've had to do a total HD wipe and reinstall on my Surface Pro 3 twice since the Windows 10 upgrade - nightmare!! Unfortunately, I didn't have Acronis so it took me a solid two days each time to reinstall all of my programs and files. But never again! I've now got a full system image that I replace weekly and when Win10 craps out again (and you know it will!) then restoring the full monty from the image will be a snap! Thanks, Acronis!” - Wendy Ritch

Without exception, computer experts agree that you should create a backup of your computer before updating your operating system. In the words of PC Advisor, “Changing an operating system is a big thing, and data can often be lost along the way.”

What experts say

  • The first step is of course to back up any information you currently have on your PC that you want to keep. Changing an operating system is a big thing, and data can often be lost along the way. PC Advisor
  • Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive. CNET
  • I cannot stress this enough, but before even considering pressing the upgrade button, you have to understand that software could always fail and if something bad happens, you could lose many important files. Windows Central
  • Be smart: Make sure all of your important files are backed up before beginning the upgrade process… PCWorld
  • As always, it’s smart to back up your system ahead of time. Wired

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Not All Backups Are Created Equal

When you ask the experts, they strongly recommend creating a full image backup of your computer, rather than just copying individual files. Why is a full image backup preferred?

If you just copy files, you’ll likely capture your photos, music and documents, but you will miss the data that lives outside of those files – things like passwords, bookmarks, favorites, and preferences. If there are problems with your Windows 10 Update and it fails to install, you will need to spend a lot of time recreating those system settings.

A full image backup, on the other hand, captures all of that additional data. If you create a full image backup before you start your Windows update, you can quickly restore all your computer settings if something goes wrong.

Doesn’t Windows 10 Backup On Its Own?

While Microsoft Windows 10 includes some backup software, it is slow and many users have reported that it doesn’t always recover properly. And what use is a backup that doesn’t work? If the Windows 10 Creators update is taking forever and you need to restore your computer, you’ll want the fastest backup solution available to save you time so you can complete the update and get on with your life.

Two Smart Moves

During your update to Windows 10 Creators, here are two final tips to keep in mind:
If you have multiple computers, don’t update them all at once. Upgrade one so you know what you’re getting into, and then apply what you learn to the others.
Make sure you follow the 3-2-1 Backup Rule. By creating three backups, two that you store on other devices, and one that you store offsite, you’ll always be able to restore your data.

Get Ready to Update Now

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