September 12, 2022  —  Eric Swotinsky

French clothing company Damart hit by Hive ransomware

Damart, a French clothing company with over 130 stores across the world, has been hit by the Hive ransomware gang. The attackers demand a ransom of $2 million but have opted to keep negotiations private for now.

Even though Damart was proactive in shutting down the systems to protect them, the cyberattack impacted 92 stores. As a result, their ability to process new orders was impaired and customer support was made unavailable. Damart has not engaged in negotiations with the cybercriminals yet but has informed the national police of the incident, which makes it unlikely that Hive will receive a payment.

It is unknown whether Hive managed to steal any sensitive data during the network intrusion. However, the gang has successfully adopted double-extortion tactics in the past, exfiltrating data before the encryption stage.

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