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The Dominican Republic's Instituto Agrario Dominicano (IAD) has suffered a ransomware attack by the Quantum group. According to the ransom note, at least four physical servers and eight virtual servers with the databases, applications and emails were compromised.

The Quantum ransomware gang claims to have stolen 1 TB of data, and have threatened to release it publicly if IAD does not promptly agree to pay $650,000.

IAD has admitted that they only had basic measures — like antivirus software — protecting their systems, and that they lack a dedicated security department.

The Active Protection included in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud detects and blocks ransomware, while the integrated backup and disaster recovery capabilities get you back up and running quickly in the event of data loss or compromise. With the Advanced Data Loss Prevention pack, you'll get stronger monitoring of your data movement and prevention against data exfiltration — helping you protect valuable resources while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

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