Raccoon Stealer malware is back with a new version

The Raccoon Stealer gang has just launched version 2.0 of their info-stealing malware, and is actively selling it as a service. Criminals can use the new Raccoon Stealer for $275 per month or $125 per week.

Raccoon Stealer is typically used to target browser passwords, cookies and cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask, but it can also steal individual files and take screenshots of infected systems.

Other infostealers often specialize in specific targets: the newly discovered YT-Stealer malware, for instance, seems to focus on YouTube content creators. YT-Stealer is distributed in trojanized versions of video editing software or game cheats. Once a system is compromised, the malware searches for YouTube credentials, using access to these accounts to promote various scams that take advantage of the channel owner's credibility.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud detects and blocks all sorts of infostealing malware — including brand-new variants like the latest iteration of Raccoon Stealer — by recognizing threats based on the malicious behaviors they exhibit.