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Medical radiology group Utah Imaging Associates recently announced a data breach — likely due to a ransomware attack — which occurred in late summer of this year.

Over the course of a week, attackers were able to infiltrate UIA's network and steal over half a million patients' data. As soon as this unauthorized access was discovered, the medical center took steps to secure their network and remediate the attack. A third-party cybersecurity firm ascertained that the stolen data included patients' names, mailing addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, health insurance policy numbers, and medical information.

Even now, more than two months after the attack, Utah Imaging Associates states that none of the stolen data was leaked online. This suggests that they likely paid a ransom to the attackers. Healthcare facilities are an increasingly common target for ransomware gangs.

Ransomware attacks typically start with a phishing email, and these threats are becoming more and more dangerous as cybercriminals use stolen or mined data to personalize their messages. Acronis Cyber Protect with Advanced Email Security can identify and filter out malicious phishing messages, preventing would-be victims from ever interacting with them, while its Action Protection capabilities can halt any accessed ransomware from executing.

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