Acronis Gets 47 Million Investment from Goldman Sachs

This week marked an exciting milestone, as Acronis announced that Goldman Sachs was investing $147 million in our future. That funding brings Acronis’ valuation to more than $1 billion, making us the world’s newest unicorn – a designation given to private companies that reach that valuation level – and the first B2B software company founded in Singapore to reach that valuation mark.

As a result, there will be a lot for industry observers to watch in the coming few years.

Resellers at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit is just four weeks away! Learn what the world’s largest gathering of cyber protection professionals has to offer your reseller business and how to register today!

Acronis Global Cyber Summit offers a lot to enterprise IT

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit will kick off in just a few short weeks, and there’s a lot that IT professionals in enterprises can gain by attending. Here’s what the world’s largest gathering of cyber protection experts has to offer your business and how to register today!

MSPs at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit is nearly here! Learn what the world’s largest gathering of cyber protection professionals has to offer your managed service provider business and how to register today!

iOS 13 upgrade - back up before you update

Now that the calendar says September, it is time once again for Apple to release their new iPhone – and loyal customers are anxiously awaiting the September 10 release of the iPhone 11. And while the launch of new products is always exciting, the crew at Cupertino is probably particularly happy to talk about their new product instead of the security concerns that dogged them in August.

The official release of iOS 13 is expected in the next few days. Before you upgrade, however, remember that the experts all agree that you should back up your mobile data before you run a system upgrade.

ISV and developers at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit is nearly here! Learn what the world’s largest gathering of cyber protection professionals has to offer your software company or developers and how you can register today.

Hurricane Dorian shows why cyber protection is vital to disaster preparedness

Faced with cyberthreats like ransomware and cryptojacking, it’s no surprise modern organizations have focused on their cybersecurity posture. Yet Hurricane Dorian shows that storms, floods, and fires still threaten a company’s digital assets just as seriously as hackers do.

Backup without cybersecurity is no longer enough. But cybersecurity without data protection isn’t enough either.

A recent IDC whitepaper revealed that cyber protection – which combines proven data protection and cutting-edge cybersecurity – provides an effective strategy against both digital and physical threats.

NioGuard Triple-A Rating Cover

Cryptojacking – or illicit cryptomining – continues to be a major headache for companies and home users, with research showing that cybercriminals made an impressive $52.7 million by mining digital coins on victims’ machines during the first half of 2019.

NioGuard Security Lab, a member of Anti-Malware Testing Standard Organization (AMTSO), researched the matter and just posted a report that examines the level of protection against cryptojacking offered by leading endpoint security providers.

The results might shock some observers because Acronis, which now defends against illicit mining in its data protection solutions, outperformed the vast majority of leading endpoint security providers.

Acronis Backup Solutions for VMware Deployments – A Modern Approach with 15-Second RTOs

VMware’s annual conference, VMworld, is underway with thousands of IT professionals gathering in San Francisco to share and discuss the innovations that help businesses deliver speed, flexibility, and security to meet modern IT demands.

Learn how Acronis backup solutions fit into this conversation and pave the way for organizations increasingly shifting to the cloud to succeed.

Acronis Cyber Services Democratizes Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity

Every modern organization relies on data to compete and survive, so it is critical that they are #CyberFit so they are prepared to handle any threat to their data that may come along. Given how fast the digital landscape is changing and ever-evolving nature of cyberthreats, protecting your people, technology and processes is an ongoing challenge.

Large enterprises regularly retain experts who to help plan their defenses, train their employees and test the organization’s cybersecurity posture. Yet smaller organizations haven’t had the same ability to test and strengthen their cybersecurity – until now.

In a move that makes world-class cybersecurity services available to organizations of all sizes, Acronis has expanded beyond its technology solutions to launch of Acronis Cyber Services. This new offering creates a single point resource where organizations can access a range of risks assessment, security awareness, and incident response services that previously have been too complex and costly for them to consider.