Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.7 gains new features and better performance

Cyber Infrastructure

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. It represents the lifeblood of your business, the identity and needs of your customers, and it’s at the core of everything your business does to grow and succeed. Given just how important managing, accessing, storing, and protecting has become in recent years, it makes sense that organizations and service providers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of their data centers — and to meet the shifting needs of their user base with minimal expense.

To help these businesses and partners achieve higher levels of performance, usability, and security, we’re excited to announce the latest release of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure version 4.7 is designed to better fit your clients’ business needs, introducing new capabilities and performance enhancements, while streamlining your team’s experience by improving and optimizing the solution’s manageability.

What is Acronis Cyber Infrastructure?

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is an easy-to-use, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructure solution for cyber protection. Running on either commodity servers or Acronis Cyber Infrastructure appliances, it converts hardware into an easily-manageable pool of storage resources.

The solution provides file, block, and object storage, and supports multiple simultaneous use cases — including backup data storage and disaster recovery. Flexible licensing and scalability allow you to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and pay only for the resources you’re using. It’s perfect for organizations that want a cloud-like experience on-premises and for service providers that want to enable the provisioning of cloud services for their clients.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is optimized for Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions but can provide storage and protection for any workload. Choose from over 26 data centers around the world, ensuring a local presence and compliance with local or regional regulations around data storage and privacy.

What’s new in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.7?

The latest release of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is packed with new features that improve and extend its efficiency, manageability, and performance.

  • Improved disk troubleshooting process: Simplify troubleshooting and avoid the possibility of client-initiated actions in the UI that may lead to data loss by detecting hardware issues faster. Provide better visibility into storage cluster configuration, including settings of storage services, caching, and check-summing.
  • Proactive cluster interconnectivity checks: Ensure smooth product deployment and service configuration by automatically testing the network connectivity between the nodes in a cluster beforehand. Proactively find and eliminate any network-related issues by receiving critical information and alerts in real-time.
  • Object storage usage quota: Limit the Object storage usage by easily setting a storage quota for specific users or buckets.
  • Advanced monitoring for backup storage: Help your administrators monitor the performance and stability of the backup storage by adding additional metrics — object counters, connection counters, migration metrics, geo-replication metrics, and more — in the integrated Prometheus monitoring system.
  • Notifications center: The new Notifications center provides a convenient way for administrators and users to monitor events that have happened during a user session. All user actions and long-running tasks, such as image uploading or problem report creation, are now tracked in a single location.
  • High availability of the management node: Provide comprehensive protection when “High Availability” is enabled for the management node. Add the option to back up the management node database for quick restoration.  

For more details, please check the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.7 release notes. To experience these new improvements and enhancements for yourself register now to start your free trial of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

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