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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
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At Acronis, we strive to ensure that our service provider partners can make full use of our comprehensive cyber protection solutions alongside the tools they already rely on. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud now integrates with N-able RMM and N-able N-central.

This new release enables MSPs to easily boost the security of their service offering in a significant way, and marks the latest entry to Acronis’ growing list of seamless integrations with leading RMM/PSA vendors.

Manage smarter, not harder

One of the biggest challenges today’s MSPs face is the juggling of multiple security solutions and management tools. Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, and pose an increasingly severe risk to small and medium businesses — as well as the service providers that work with them. Around 70% of MSPs rely on 2–5 different cybersecurity vendors, and another 18% depend on even more than that.

This complexity is not only inefficient — with providers forced to train their technicians on multiple solutions and interfaces — but it also inevitably leads to security gaps. Software updates may introduce dangerous incompatibilities with other existing tools, while IT teams who must jump back and forth between consoles will sometimes end up missing critical alerts.

When your tools work smoothly together, it strengthens your security posture while allowing you to spend less time and effort on rote administration. With Acronis’ integrations, you can turn that focus instead towards growing your business and delighting clients.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and N-able: Better together

This latest, script-based integration enables remote mass-deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — our single-agent solution for cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint protection management — through N-able’s RMM and N-central interfaces with minimal effort. Deployment is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

MSP technicians will enjoy streamlined platform management and ensure seamless cyber protection for clients, all through the same trusted interface you already use and love:

Simple script configuration — Secure client data with key cyber protection functionalities through scripts downloaded from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud management console.

Customer mapping — View all your accounts at once through the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud management console. Select one or more N-able N-central customers and map them to an existing Acronis tenant.

Remotely install/uninstall the protection agent — Boost your provisioning efficiency by deploying Acronis’ cyber protection agent remotely to any number of systems.

Apply/revoke protection plans on a client level — Ensure optimal security on a client-by-client basis by assigning your pre-configured cyber protection plans to one or multiple accounts.

Schedule and run cyber protection tasks — Run tasks with key cyber protection functionalities on a set schedule or on-demand.

Monitor protection statuses and receive Acronis alerts — Track the status of applied protection plans and cyber protection functionalities (like anti-malware scans and scheduled backups) within the N-able interface. Synchronize Acronis alerts to the alerts from N-able so you never miss an important notification.

Final thought

These new integrations between Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and N-able enables MSPs to efficiently manage, configure, and monitor cyber protection plans, tasks, and statuses through the N-able RMM and N-central interfaces. Securing your clients against cutting-edge cyberthreats has never been easier.

For additional details about this release, including how you can start taking advantage of these integrations today, visit the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Solutions Portal:

N-able RMM

N-able N-connect

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