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formerly Acronis True Image

While independent research shows that Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the fastest, easiest to use and most complete backup solution available, our R&D team is never satisfied. As a result, our Premium Subscription customers will be excited to learn about several enhancements that have been made to Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation – including expanded ransomware protection, improved stability and upgraded performance.

These improvements are completely free for existing Premium subscribers, and the program’s interface will prompt you to upgrade. If you’d like to confirm that you’ve got the latest version, click “Account” on the menu bar: Windows users should be on Build 6202 or higher, and Macs should be running Build 6115 or higher.

Once you’ve installed the free upgrade, here are the changes you’ll find to Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation.

Enhanced active ransomware protection

The month’s WannaCry attack demonstrated why experts consider ransomware the single greatest danger to your data. With three more variants surfacing since WannaCry launched, it’s clear the ransomware threat isn’t going away.

As the only backup solution  with active ransomware protection, we’re doing our best to keep Acronis Active Protection™ ahead of this constantly evolving threat. First, Update 1 expands the defenses of this New Generation feature by including new counters to the notable CrypVault, Crypaur, Crysis, and Spora codes.

Several enhancements were also made to Acronis Active Protection’s performance, including:

  • greater compatibility with popular anti-virus solutions (including McAfee LiveSafe, Trend Micro Internet Security, Avast Internet Security) and other programs
  • fewer instances of benign software triggering a “false positive”
  • improved support for CD drives
  • streamlined messaging in the Acronis Active Protection and Acronis Drive logs

Overall, these changes allow Acronis Active Protection to keep your system safe from future ransomware attacks.

Even better backup performance

As part of your data protection strategy, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation’s primary function is to provide fast, reliable backup and recovery. With that in mind, Update 1 improves the performance of both file and full disk incremental backups. Optimizing the performance of incremental backups – where you only capture the changes to data made since the last backup – means you’ll save even more time and storage space, while still ensuring you have a complete backup.

Premium subscribers will also notice they have greater flexibility in moving backup files between storage devices. That’s because Update 1 now allows users to reliably move backup files from a NAS to either a local disk or network drive. It also ensures that files stored in the Acronis Secure Zone (ASZ) are accessible through a PC’s File Explorer, and that you can search backups for specific files in the ASZ as well.

Other resolved issues

Update 1 also rectifies a few issues reported by some Mac and PC users regarding the display of backups, intermittent stability incidents, and error messages related to Acronis Notary™.

Most importantly, the best-in-class features that Premium subscribers rely on to protect their data and their systems remain … and are only enhanced by the changes in Update 1.

A full list of updates and fixes included in Update 1 of our award-winning backup for PC, Mac and mobile is available in the release notes.

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