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Do you remember those “Hi, I’m a Mac” commercials from a few years ago? The ones with Justin Long and John Hodgman that pegged people into one of two groups: Mac users or Windows PC users. Those days are gone. With Mac sales on the rise, today’s consumer could have multiple devices running on both platforms.

We understand this changing landscape, which is why today we launched Acronis True Image for Mac, the first and only dual protection full system image backup solution for Mac users. Acronis True Image for Mac backs up consumers’ data both locally and to the Acronis Cloud. It’s a one-two punch combination that Mac users will love. Here, Nat Maple, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Acronis’ consumer business unit, discusses the data protection challenges True Image for Mac solves, its capabilities and more:

What backup and recovery challenges does this new product solve for consumers?

Nat Maple: Acronis True Image for Mac is a full system image backup solution for Mac computers that allows users to back up information locally and to the Acronis Cloud. Dual protection to both local and online cloud locations is important because it completely protects people’s digital lives, including all of the data on their systems. And the cloud backup feature is ideal when users travel and are away from their local storage support, whether Time Capsule or an external hard drive.

The entire computer is protected with this product. That includes the data people care about, such as photos, documents and music — and the data they might not consider but will care about if they need to recover their system, such as settings, bookmarks and application data.

What can users do with the product?

They have complete flexibility to protect their data when, where and how they want. Users can choose which drive they’d like to serve as the local backup, and Acronis True Image for Mac stores an additional copy of all data in the cloud. That means people can access their backups from any location or easily share backup files with others. The cloud backup feature also ensures people meet the recommended “3-2-1” backup rule, meaning people should keep three copies of everything, in two different formats, with one copy stored online.

The product completely protects a user’s system, including all of the files, custom settings, partitions, folders, files, application data — everything — for fast and easy recovery. It’s foolproof data protection that gives users the flexibility to choose what data to backup, where to back up and when to back up. If users don’t want to choose, no problem. Acronis True Image for Mac will take a full carbon-copy image of their entire system and store it locally and to the Acronis Cloud. 

Is Acronis True Image aimed at Mac users exclusively?

Not at all. It is a perfect fit for people who have both Windows PCs and Mac computers. Those who are already using our True Image for Windows product will find a solution with a familiar UI to protect their entire system.

It’s also great for people running Parallels Desktop on their Mac, and users will benefit from Acronis' extensive support. 

The product is also aimed at people who only use Mac but don’t think one backup tool is sufficient, or who want to be able to schedule backups and quickly recover if something were to go wrong. With Acronis True Image for Mac, backups are flexible (manual or automatic) and easy to schedule. You don’t need to be an IT expert to use it.

Does this replace services such as Time Machine?

True Image for Mac is not intended to replace services such as Time Machine. They are different products, designed for different backup methods. Time Machine is intended to back up files and folders to an external hard drive or other types of local, physical storage. Files and folders with music and photos are absolutely important, but Time Machine doesn’t back up and protect the full system. Acronis True Image for Mac does — and does so both physically and to the cloud.

Time Machine is a wonderful tool for local storage, but unfortunately it doesn’t protect a user’s Mac in the event of physical damage, hence the need for cloud backup to complement local backup. Acronis True Image for Mac also allows for incremental backup of Parallels virtual machines and makes backup scheduling more flexible and automatic — even while users are traveling and away from their local backup disk. 

To try a free trial of Acronis True Image for Mac, click here.

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