Announcing the Integration of Atera’s Powerful PSA and RMM Suite for MSPs with Acronis Cyber Cloud

Cyber Protect Cloud

Managed service providers (MSPs) are busier than ever. They’re responsible for managing and protecting an ever-growing amount of data, applications, and systems for their clients in locations that span the data center to remote home offices. Historically, this level of automation and integration was not available or required complex project and development.

That changed today when Acronis and Atera announced an integration of our popular MSP solutions. Atera, a fast-growing provider of remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) solutions, now offers native integration with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud. This enabling MSPs to seamlessly automate the deployment and management of backup and cyber protection operations and managed services.

The powerful integration means MSPs can scale their business faster and easier while providing better protection from data loss, data theft, and data manipulation.

The turn-key integration of Acronis and Atera solutions will help MSPs achieve greater operational efficiency, giving them more time to engage with their clients rather than focusing on deployments, service desk tickets, etc.

Atera’s powerful and easy-to-use suite of solutions features a single pane of glass, while the integration with Acronis provides Atera customers with better:

  • Better data protection
  • Proven malware protection
  • Instant RTOs
  • Simplified workflows and centralized management
  • Greater savings in terms of licensing, training, and efficiency

“This new partnership will enable MSPs and IT professionals to easily deploy Acronis Cyber Backup into their Atera solution,” said Tal Dagan, vice president of product at Atera.

Atera delivers the ultimate all-in-one suite for MSPs and IT pros. Their unlimited devices and simple pay-only-per-technician pricing are driving their growth. It’s easy to create new customers and install agents, and enable Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for all types of infrastructure – from physical to virtual. It offers extensive flexibility, backing up to any storage including the Acronis cloud, your own data center, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, local disks, SANs or NAS. And the powerful Atera PSA has an easy-to-use dashboard with widgets and a ticketing system that automates alerts and simplifies workflow.

Existing Atera users can learn how to activate Acronis here. Existing Acronis Partners can learn more about Atera or signup for a 30-day trial of Atera here.

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