August 14, 2014 — David Rosenberg
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Automate – Simplify your Life. Watch a 4-minute Automation Demo.

Automate, automate, automate. According to Forrester Research (The State of Business Technology Resiliency, Q2 2014), “The complexity we face today in technology is beyond what humans can manage”.

Your IT staff may be the best in the world, but in case of disaster you may not want to rely on their flawless execution of complex processes; the probability of a human error is especially high under the pressure and uncertainty of a disaster. Imagine your personnel manually starting multiple servers, recovering and validating data, testing network connectivity and executing many other critical tasks when every mistake can cause lost data or prolonged service outage – and them weighing it against the safety of their families. In addition, your key personnel may not even be available as they take care of their own families. This is why a “push of a button,” process-driven disaster recovery approach offers higher ROI, especially in environments with limited IT resources and expertise. Modern BCDR automation includes conditional dependency tests, parallel threads, manual work flows with notifications, and other elements that make your recovery reliable, repeatable and testable.

Watch this simple 4-minute demo to see how nScaled does automation of BCDR processes.

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