March 02, 2020  —  Acronis

Why Service Providers Are Looking for Alternatives to Mozy – and Upgrade to Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

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If you're a service provider that previously delivered cloud backup for customers using a Mozy solution, then you know that Carbonite’s recent acquisition of Mozy is forcing users to transition to Carbonite Safe – and many are looking for other alternatives to Mozy instead.

Note: This comparison is based on publicly available information about Carbonite product features, as of February 2020.

In many ways, this perhaps unexpected situation is opportunity knocking, allowing impacted service providers to re-evaluate their needs (and that of their customers), explore all Mozy backup alternatives, and find an ideal fit for their business. After all, as data dependency grows, IT becomes more complex, costs skyrocket and security concerns abound, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to delivering modern data protection. Plus, there’s a lot of opportunity that can be realized if a service provider is leveraging the right solution.

Here’s a closer look at the challenges Mozy customers face as they’re forced to migrate to Carbonite, and why affected service providers are switching to the industry-leading Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud solution instead.

Costly consequences are rattling service providers being forced to use Carbonite Safe

Due to immediate problems triggered by the forced Carbonite migration, service provider businesses are actively considering other alternatives to Mozy. Foreseen issues for a former Mozy MSP include:

• Additional – and unbillable – working hours to implement the migration for all Mozy-using customers • The loss of important backup solution functionality • New, complex licensing and different pricing, which reduce margins and demand awkward time spent explaining and negotiating new contract terms with customers

While change is often mired with additional challenges for IT service providers, those tradeoffs can be worth it. The question former Mozy MSPs are asking in this case is – are they?

Key capabilities service providers need in a modern data protection solution: the Carbonite MSP use-case

At first glance, Carbonite doesn’t seem to offer an upgrade for a former Mozy MSP – among other things, the solution doesn’t have a service provider-first design, there’s no support for some baseline SMB technologies, and there’s no integrated cybersecurity technology. These shortcomings are forcing service providers to look at a bigger picture, really consider what’s on their Mozy backup alternative wish-list and determine: Can Carbonite deliver on enough of these criteria?

The chart below illustrates top priorities for service providers currently evaluating alternatives to Mozy, and how Carbonite compares.

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