August 26, 2020 — Amy Luby

Channel Strong in Charlotte: Ready for remote work

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Charlotte showed up strong today and came out for a little food and fun in the sun as our Channel Strong: Positive Vibe Tour rolled into town. I’ll admit that the sun was a welcome change after our fantastic-but-rainy visits to Atlanta and Orlando.

One of the personal highlights of this trip to Charlotte was meeting up with Joel Simpson of Simpson Consulting. Joel is a longtime friend and a managed service provider (MSP) in the channel. While business is going strong for Joel in Charlotte, he made a point to pull away from his busy day to stop by and say hello!

Our gracious host in Charlotte was Joseph Atkins, the founder of SeedSpark. SeedSpark is MSP here and a recent Inc. 500 Award recipient. The company’s 45-person team came out to join us for our event.

Thumbs up in Charlotte for Channel Strong

Channel stories like SeedSpark

SeedSpark is a recent recipient of an Inc. 500 Award, so I was glad to have an opportunity to film an exposé of Joseph’s story. We discussed his office space, the history of the business, and the great team he’s been able to assemble. We’ll publish that interview in a little while.

What I took away from that conversation was that when COVID-19 hit, SeedSpark already had all of their clients in the cloud and had no critical servers left on-premises. That meant all of their clients were prepared to pivot to remote work.

Joseph did say that they have been picking up new clients as well. Many of these new clients either had third-party providers who couldn’t meet the instant demand to work from home or they had an IT department that was ill-prepared at setting up, managing, and maintaining remote work technologies.

Now with their Inc. 500 designation, SeedSpark is getting calls from larger companies that are looking for an MSP who can augment their internal IT departments and support their technology transformation process.

SeedSpark hosts Channel Strong

Continuing the tour

Joseph’s team was a lot of fun and Joseph asked if we could come back again on the next Channel Strong tour. Will there be another Channel Strong tour? We will get back to you on that.

For now, we’re still busy today and are headed to Raleigh, NC now, where we will pop-up again for dinner time!