Enterprises Gain Enhanced Cyber Protection with Acronis Backup Support for SAP HANA

Cyber Protect

Enterprise organizations are now responsible for more data than ever before. In fact, more data is now stored with enterprises than in all the world’s existing endpoints. This data arrives from a wide variety of sources around the world and around the clock in a wide variety of formats, and on a wide variety of platforms. The IT professionals in the industry today face unprecedented complexity, security, and cost challenges and need solutions that can help keep data protection and availability easy, efficient, and secure to ensure modern business success.

To achieve this level of data management and increase their operational efficiency, over 27,000 enterprises rely on SAP HANA databases. However, SAP HANA environments are performance-sensitive, feature in-memory architecture, and often are large, complex, and data-heavy. As a result, enterprises using SAP HANA often find reliable data protection a challenge.

With so much data filling these SAP HANA databases and real-time analysis constantly running, it’s vital for them to be comprehensively protected, with backups maintained regularly and available for recovery the instant they’re needed.

Today, that’s faster and easier through Acronis Backup’s new, verified support of SAP HANA backup and recovery.

How Acronis Defends SAP HANA Data

Acronis Backup extends it’s easy, efficient, and secure backup and recovery capabilities to SAP HANA data through ready-to-use pre-packaged scripts – which can be enabled by simply following the solution guide. As part of Acronis’ industry-leading image-based backup, this new support protects your entire database seamlessly without requiring any deep knowledge or expertise in SAP HANA technology. As a result, enterprise IT teams can safeguard their most critical data while minimizing system downtime. This saves enterprises valuable time and money.

These backups can be executed as often as needed with no impact on an enterprise’s overall data performance. Acronis Backup offers a wide variety of benefits for users, including:

  • Flexible local, cloud, or hybrid storage destinations
  • Rapid restores to VMware virtual machines
  • Automatic deduplication to save storage space and costs
  • Multi-level AES-256 encryption in Acronis data centers

For a full list of the features, your organization can find with Acronis’ new SAP HANA backup and recovery support, read our comprehensive solution brief.

When data recovery is needed, Acronis Backup enables enterprise IT teams to recover specific SAP HANA server data in mere minutes on bare metal, whether it’s the same or different hardware. Additionally, users can migrate data from a physical machine to a virtual machine and vice versa to minimize downtime and reduce business interruption.

The Newest Addition to Cyber Protection

SAP HANA is the latest platform to be supported by Acronis Backup, joining more than 20 platforms – physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile.

What’s more, this new SAP HANA backup and recovery support represents the first step toward greater connectivity between Acronis’ cyber protection services and SAP HANA’s globally recognized enterprise data management capabilities.

For Acronis, support for such a widely popular enterprise solution serves as further proof of their commitment to deliver easy, efficient, and secure cyber protection services that comprehensively offer safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of data. For enterprise users, Acronis’ SAP HANA support means total data protection and availability is now easier than ever before.

Interested in learning more or trying SAP HANA data backup and recovery? Start your free trial today to learn how Acronis Backup can keep your SAP HANA data protected.

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