Integrated cybersecurity earns Acronis True Image VB100 certification

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Virus Bulletin has released the results of its October 2020 certification tests of cybersecurity solutions and in its first time being included in the independent test, Acronis True Image 2021 delivered a near-perfect performance – stopping 99.9% of the threats without interrupting legitimate programs.

With more people working from home, the number of cyberattacks has grown exponentially – and today’s malware continues to target backups to prevent a safe recovery. Knowing that you can trust your cyber protection solution to stop the latest cyberthreats is critical.

By earning VB100 certification, Acronis True Image proves that individuals, prosumers, and home office users can rest easy knowing that their device data and backups are protected against even the newest cyberthreats.

Integrated cybersecurity FTW

Virus Bulletin has been testing antimalware products for more than two decades. The analysis is based on two considerations. The first is whether a solution can stop the latest malware that’s being distributed online. Second, does the tested solution interrupt legitimate programs because it has misidentified them as malicious?

The product being tested is installed onto two separate systems, one running Windows 10 and the other running Windows 7. The solution must then scan lists of malware recently found in the wild on multiple occasions, as well as clean files from widely used software. The analysts then count any malware files that are not blocked and any clean files that are incorrectly blocked. (We detailed the methodology used by Virus Bulletin when our service provider solution, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, first earned its VB100 certification.)

Finding solutions that successfully stop the newest malware is an obvious consideration for most users, but the ability to differentiate between malware and legitimate processes is just as critical to system performance. Every time a solution mistakenly blocks legitimate activity, it can impact the stability of a system and causes downtime since the user needs to fix the problem.

Therefore, to receive VB100 certification, a product cannot miss more than .5% of the malware samples and it cannot block more than .01% of the legitimate files.

Acronis True Image earns VB100 certification

For their latest report, Virus Bulletin tested 41 products from 35 different vendors during September and October 2020. Among those products was Acronis True Image, which was the first time our personal cyber protection solution was considered for VB100 certification.

Was Virus Bulletin surprised that Acronis True Image was able to earn certification on the first try? Not according to the Head of Testing, Peter Karsai.

"We were pleased to welcome Acronis True Image to our endpoint security certification program and it came as little surprise that it achieved VB100 certification on its debut, the product's business counterpart Acronis Cyber Protect now having earned its third VB100 certification. We look forward to continuing to test both products."

Uniting cybersecurity and backup

As cybercriminals continue to industrialize their efforts and increasingly use advanced technologies like AI to make their malware more effective, traditional strategies and solutions for protecting your data and devices are no longer enough. The experts agree that no antimalware solution will be able to block every attack every time, so it’s only a matter of time before a system is compromised. Recovering quickly requires cybersecurity to be integrated with backup.

Similarly, since new cyberthreats attack backup files and software first to prevent recovery, backup solutions without integrated cybersecurity capabilities cannot stand up to today’s threats.

Individuals and businesses both need cyber protection solutions that integrate reliable backup and effective antimalware, and as the October test shows, Acronis is able to compete with the top endpoint security solutions – as Acronis True Image earns its first VB100 certification.

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