August 4, 2014 — Acronis
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IT Teams Must Learn New Skills to Manage Mobility

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Data protection is a challenge for many IT teams to handle these days because companies have more devices, operating systems and plans than they can keep up with. The majority of IT gurus specialize in handling PCs and servers, but new technologies like tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches require a new set of IT skills to ensure enterprise data is secure and understandable. 

Due to CIOs' growing need for mobility support, managed mobility services are in high demand among enterprise technology buyers, according to recent research from Gigaom. Corporate environments are no longer limited to desktops and laptops, so the tasks that CIOs (and their teams) must complete don't necessarily fall within their areas of expertise. 

"When you are accustomed to purchasing a PC or a server and being done for years, mobility is a big change to adjust to," Maribel Lopez, principal and founder of IT and communications technologies firm Lopez Research, tells Chief Mobility Officer. “Not to mention, most organizations don’t have the staff with the expertise on hand to manage this. They have to grow expertise while they are managing a complex and ever-changing environment.”  

h/t: Chief Mobility Officer  

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