Making the Mobile Device a True Business Platform: Introducing the new mobilEcho

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formerly Acronis Cyber Backup

Three and a half years ago, Apple introduced the iPad and enterprise mobility took a giant leap forward. Up until that time mobile devices (mostly smartphones) were primarily for phone calls and emails, as far as the enterprise was concerned. But with a larger screen size, the iPad (and now other emerging tablets) expanded the idea of the mobile device as a content consumption tool. And enterprises started to take notice in other ways as well.

IT concerns about security, management, control and visibility turned into requirements for enterprises serious about using mobility as a strategic advantage. Clearly, enterprise IT wanted to balance consumer-grade simplicity with enterprise-grade security and management. And this is where we are today with enterprises securely accessing corporate content on their mobile devices with apps like mobilEcho, our Mobile File Management (MFM) solution. And sharing and collaborating on files with Enterprise File Sharing solutions such as Acronis activEcho. And in all, cases focused on Simple, Secure and Managed mobility solutions.

Now we are moving into the next phase of turning the mobile device into a True Business Platform.

The introduction of our latest version of mobilEcho now allows enterprises to not only access corporate content but also to edit and create new content all within the secure mobilEcho sandbox. Acronis mobilEcho now has an integrated Office doc (Word docs, spreadsheets, PPTs) editing capability which not only makes mobile workers more productive but also creates a more secure mobile environment for the enterprise. Furthermore, mobilEcho sets itself apart by including this functionality as part of the base product (no additional charge) and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

The introduction of mobilEcho 4.5 today not only includes the in-app Office editing capability but also these critical features:

  • Military-grade, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module (for iOS only) – the use of a certified crypto module is critical for many US federal government mobility implementations
  • Support for Microsoft 365 hosted SharePoint sites – mobilEcho already supports accessing enterpriser file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint. This adds hosted SharePoint sites to this list.
  • New thumbnail preview view and support for opening multiple files – greatly enhances productivity by improving navigation and flexibility in content editing and creation.
  • Support for client certificate authentication to mobilEcho servers – gives IT departments greater flexibility in implementing the right security policy for their organization.

mobilEcho 4.5 is available today and you can download your own 21 day free trial to see it for yourself.

And you can learn more about mobilEcho at our website. 

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