Cyber Protect Cloud

As an MSP, I was always looking for better tools, tools that would ultimately help me deliver a higher level of service to my clients. As expensive as it is to change tools, if the benefits outweighed the pain of switching, I was all over it.

Today, protecting your clients from cyberthreats has become a full-time job. Yes, we know that humans are the security gap that is most vulnerable and least able to be managed. We also know that exploits are created every minute of every day, making it practically impossible for most IT service providers to keep pace to counter them all.

As cybersecurity evolves, every IT service provider must find better, more efficient, and less costly ways to secure their client’s devices. Now more than ever, MSPs need modern tools to manage modern threats.

As a former MSP and Master MSP, I couldn’t be more excited to talk with my colleagues in the channel about how Acronis’ general approach of cyber protection – and the Acronis Cyber Protect service in particular – delivers on that need.

MSPs still relying on legacy solutions

Not only are legacy solutions ineffective against modern threats, but they are not integrated or automated. If you want to deliver on a layered, NIST-based approach to modern cybersecurity protection that delivers on known best practices, you must deal with five, six, or more security vendors, which creates a complex environment of agents. Having so many agents bogs down your client’s devices and creates too many consoles for your engineers to log into, learn, and use each day to protect your clients. 

Interconnected IT protection

With so many vendors, you also have a patchwork of contracts, training, and escalation paths.  All of these things are expensive and inefficient, making it complex and hard for your engineers to proactively manage your client base.

Most importantly though: none of these solutions are integrated, which creates gaps in your defenses. This leaves your clients vulnerable and puts you into a reactive mode when it comes to cybersecurity.

Integration streamlines your work and secures clients

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud changes the game by integrating data protection with cybersecurity. Now you can make security the center point of your services quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. It enables you to protect your clients with confidence while keeping your costs down, thanks to a single agent and single management console that provides automated, integrated data protection and cybersecurity for all of your client devices.

What does that mean in plain English? With one solution, you get vulnerability scanning, patch management, AI-based anti-malware protection (including anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking), backup and disaster recovery, remote management of client devices, health monitoring and scoring, alerts and reporting – all of which are automated and fully integrated with each other.

Which means your defenses have no holes.

As a result, MSPs can easily protect all of their client data against modern cyberthreats with existing staff, while generating new revenue and decreasing churn.

MSP-centric solution

Purpose-built for the modern MSP, Acronis Cyber Protect incorporates specific features to protect the remote work environments that today’s organizations require. By having these capabilities incorporated into the solution, MSPs gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing their clients' data and applications are fully secure.

  • Give your clients easy remote access to their corporate networks via RDP
  • Score their devices so you can identify insecure/unpatched applications, malware-riddled backups, and more: you’ll see which are the most vulnerable devices so you can focus on them first, saving you time and money
  • Utilize the voice-controlled user interface to deploy devices without touching them, keeping you and your engineers safe from sharing potentially contagious surfaces
  • Provide a safe, secure way for clients to share files with Acronis Cyber Files, which is included free of charge through the end of July 2020 to get them through this crisis
  • Save time and money with our protection plans for remote workers: we include a security policy template so your engineers can protect your client devices within minutes, ensuring your clients are productive and protected when working from home
  • Safeguard video conferencing apps like Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams with have specific protections that prioritize patching and guards vulnerabilities within these platforms
  • Prioritize COVID-19-related malware alerts within the threat feed in the console (yes we have a threat feed built-in)
  • Filter out the fake news – and malicious websites – with our URL filtering

If you’re interested in learning more, try out the platform at any time. You can watch a pre-recorded demo or test drive it with a 30-day trial. From one MSP to another, it is definitely the kind of solution you should be adding to your arsenal.

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