July 14, 2016 — Gaidar Magdanurov
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Playing Pokémon Go? You’d Better Back Up Your Phone!


If you haven’t followed the news for the past few days, you may be wondering why lots people are wandering around with their phones in front of them with happy smiles on their faces.

The rest of us know about Pokémon Go.

Finally, playing a game on your phone is combined with walking around wherever you are to learn some interesting facts about historic sites – a popular and now realized version of augmented reality.

However, walking around while looking into your phone can be precarious not just for you, but also to your phone.

Just today I saw two people accidentally drop their phones while playing Pokémon Go!

If you or your child drops and breaks a phone in a careless move capturing Pikachu, or if something ends up erasing data you really want, you could lose contacts, pictures, videos and more. The potential injuries and loss will not be virtual! 

So, don't forget to stay alert and know your surroundings. And don't forget to backup your phone!

Also, when it comes to privacy. Pokémon Go may have wider access to your Google account than you think.

Make sure you stay informed and know what you are signing up for, Your digital life could be at stake. This recent ZDNet article is definitely worth a read. In a nutshell, the Pokémon Go application does not explicitly ask permission for full account access to your Google account when logging in with a Google username and password.

So, get out and play Pokémon Go and see what everyone is talking about. But, backup with Acronis True Image before you do.

We can help you protect your data with mobile backup for Android and iOS. Learn more here.

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