Seven Ways to Prevent the Perils of Disappearing Data in a Virtualized Environment

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formerly Acronis Cyber Backup

Virtualization: It comes with enormous opportunities for organizations of all sizes. On the other hand, it serves up a number of intense challenges. Among these challenges is the increased risk of data loss and massive outage.

Don’t fret. You can manage these challenges, head on. You just need to find the right solution – ideally, one that includes these seven elements:

1. Cross-vendor choice and flexibility. When you choose a backup and recovery solution, you may not want to be locked into a single vendor. Maybe you would prefer affordable cross-hypervisor data migration, backup and disaster recovery – executed across disparate systems, different sites and multiple vendors. Single and multiple vendor solutions can both work – the key is picking a solution that gives you a choice.

2. Speedy new technology. New technology innovations allow you to recover data with much more speed and frequency than traditional methods – up to 100 times faster than what was previously possible. As a result, you can ensure that multiple virtual machines on a single server have a current and reliable backup available at all times.

3. Any-to-any recovery. Today, you need to be able to recover data with greater speed and frequency, to and from, any platform – and ensure that your data is always available to any system at any time. So, when a system goes down, you’re able to run its workloads and restore its data on any combination of available platforms – whether it’s from a failover to a replica virtual machine, to a running virtual machine directly from a backup. This applies to physical servers, VMware, Hyper-V, Xen Server, RHEV, KVM – you name it. 

4. Affordable, near-zero downtime. In the past, you had hours to fix a problem. Today, you’re expected to be up-and-running in just minutes, without breaking the bank with expensive redundant sites or SAN-based replication.

5. Easy migration. A solution that performs any-to-any migration enables you to maximize capacity and efficiency with any and every resource at your disposal – without the corresponding data loss that is prevalent during migrations.

6. Reduced complexity. Think about the advantages of using the same backup solutions and policies for all your physical and virtual systems. This approach will simplify data management, lower risk and keep your data better protected. An integrated solution helps free you from the risk of a complex patchwork of point solutions.

7. Future-proof solutions. You need technology today that empowers you to take advantage of the next wave of virtualization tomorrow.

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