From Sledgehammers to Blowtorches, Gratifying Ways to Destroy a Hard Drive


Conventional wisdom and sound data protection practices suggest that you should keep old hard drives, just in case of emergency. But for those who can't resist the temptation, here are a few of the most exciting methods to destroy a hard drive. Be sure to check out BuzzFeed for more inspiration: 


A thorough hammering will destroy a hard drive. Pummel it until the drive bursts open, then go to town on the platter. Sure, any hammer will do the trick, but why would you use just any hammer when you could use a sledgehammer?!


Ditch the power drill and enlist the help of the SEM Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher, which bores down onto devices with 12,000 pounds of force. Destruction takes a mere eight seconds. 


Shredding paper is sort of fun. Shredding metal is a lot of fun. Industrial shredder manufacturer SSI makes machines that can destroy pretty much anything you own. Your hard drive won’t stand a chance against a 1,000-horsepower shredder. 


Most guns pack enough punch to pierce a hard drive, but rifles and 12-gauge shotguns add an extra kick. 

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