Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery

I was just speaking with Brad Wenzel, nScaled’s VP of Channels, and he said something that really struck me. He asked, do I still listen to music on cassette tapes? Of course not, I answered. All my music is digital. Tapes are prone to failure – drop-outs, unspooling, melting in the sun – and they’re linear access, not random access. Everyone has dumped tapes for MP3 players like iPod. Going digital means easier management, backup and recovery of my tunes.

So, Brad, asked, why on earth are IT people still using tapes for backups? It’s the same magnetic particles on the same Mylar tape, with all the same limitations and problems, as with music cassettes. It’s crazy! Why would any company trust it’s intellectual property to a media subject to bit rot? Wikipedia explains bit rot:

Brad, good question!

About Acronis

A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.