The importance of testing

One of the things I consistently hear as I talk with clients about Disaster Recovery, is that it’s complicated. This whether the client has invested heavily in DR or not. In many cases people might have made substantial investments in technology and duplicate infrastructure and have some highly skilled people on the team – yet they still have questionable levels of confidence in their systems – and this causes them to loose sleep at night.

At the end of the day the IT folks know that its their jobs that are on the line in a disaster and that when systems go down, they will be working 24 hours a day trying to rebuild things. This also leads to the comment I hear from time to time along the lines of “My DR plan is to keep my resume polished.” or one I heard recently “I might look like I am in there rebuilding systems, but in reality I will be applying for new jobs.”

The risks in cloud computing

I am working with a small team on a presentation /debate for ILTA 2010 where we have a booth this year. The topic for discussion is:

ILTA 2010 – INFO13: No Dark Clouds in the Forecast: Addressing Risks in Cloud Computing

This session will address the challenges and risks law firms face with the movement towards cloud computing, including risks with privacy and security, as well as records management issues. What are the problems with cloud computing when you do not have complete control over your information? How can IT address these problems?

With me on the panel will be Charlene Wacenske, Firm Wide Records Manager at Morrison & Foerster LLP and Scott Christensen, Director, Information Services at Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon.

Introductions to the team

Since this is our first post, I will start by introducing the nScaled team:

Mark Hadfield – founder and CEO

Kent Langley – founder and CTO

Ilya Beyer – VP Engineering

Dan Bass – Director Sales

Modi Ronen – Director Customer Services

James Neiper – Senior Systems Engineer

Truc Hoang – Financial Controller

Mikhail Stepura – Engineer

Alexander Pokotilo – Engineer

Andrey Trofimov – Engineer