Acronis Universal Restore

Quick and easy system recovery to new, dissimilar hardware

Universal Restore technology restores your system to any available machine in minutes, regardless of the platform!

  • Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few simple clicks
  • Get up and running on a new machine in minutes, without worrying about compatibility issues
  • Migrate systems between physical and virtual platforms quickly and easily
  • Eliminate the time and money spent on locating identical equipment
  • Eliminate time spent on system reinstallations and application setups
  • Reconnect to your network without reconfiguring your servers
  • Easily restore systems to a known, working condition quickly and safely, even if you aren’t an IT expert

Universal Restore is now included with Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced products.

How does Universal Restore work?

Exclusive to Acronis, Universal Restore works behind the scenes to disassociate your backup data from hardware dependencies while still retaining the necessary system data—files, configurations, applications, operating system, and so on.

When you restore your backup to a new location, Universal Restore:

  1. Detects the machine type and auto-installs appropriate drivers for the hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
  2. Detects hard disk controllers (SCSI and IDE) OR prompts you for driver locations
  3. Reboots the machine

The result? An easy way to get a working system on a new machine up and running in minutes!

Click here to download and install Acronis Universal Restore

Click here to download and install Acronis Universal Restore for Acronis True Image 2016