#CyberFit Score

Today, survival means getting your organization #CyberFit

Every 19 seconds, a business is hacked. Assess the security configurations of your machines now and learn how to improve them.
Are you #CyberFit?

As the value and volume of data increases daily, organizations of all sizes need to be #CyberFit – ready to safeguard that data against all modern challenges with effective tools and strategies.

Acronis gets our partners, their customers and end-users #CyberFit with easy, efficient and secure cyber protection solutions.

74% of companies are not ready for a cyberattack
Based on their approaches to strategy, oversight, resourcing, and technologies/processes, three-quarters of survey responders ranked below the cyber readiness threshold.

Get Acronis #CyberFit Score to improve your security posture

Acronis #CyberFit Score examines a set of industry-established security metrics to assess the gaps in IT environments and attack vectors to endpoints. Based on the score of each metric, IT personnel and end users are provided with a remediation report that includes recommended actions to mitigate risks and improve the security posture of their machines.

Acronis #CyberFit Score is available as part of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud or as a standalone tool.

Acronis #CyberFit Score tool

Assess the security configurations of your machines now and learn how to improve them.

SAPAS: The key to be #CyberFit

To get #CyberFit, modern companies need solutions that address all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection - covering the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of data (SAPAS). Using this unique approach, Acronis ensures an organization’s data is fully protected, while remaining accessible and veriable.

Ensure that reliable copies of your data, applications, and systems are always available

Being "safe" means avoiding things that can cause injury, pain, and loss – which are critical in the digital world. That’s because unlike physical items, digital assets are much more vulnerable and can be easily destroyed – either accidentally or on purpose.

Creating reliable backups of your data, applications, and systems – and storing them in a way that ensures information is available when you need to recover something – is the only way to keep everything safe.

Make your data, applications, and systems easily available from anywhere at any time

In today’s mobile world, we carry more computing power in our pocket than was used to send a man to the moon. To take advantage of that technology, we need to access our data, applications, and systems from wherever we are.

Cyber protection ensures that access, while balancing it against the need to keep digital environments and assets safe, private, authentic, and secure. Locking a hard drive in a vault makes the contents safe but inaccessible – so it’s not useful.

Control who has visibility and access to all of your digital assets

From identity theft to corporate espionage, keeping things private is a basic need for individuals and companies alike. Yet the recent spike in breaches around the world shows that few companies are taking appropriate steps to combat modern incursions.

Limiting who can view and use your data, applications, and systems should be under your complete control – whether that’s managing permissions for users or employing enterprise-grade encryption to block prying eyes.

Create undeniable, certifiable proof that a copy is an exact replica of the original

Knowing that something is "authentic" means we can prove it is true or original. For IT pros, knowing a backup is authentic is vital since recovering a file, server, or entire infrastructure from an altered or corrupted version can put a company at risk.

Given the threat posed by unauthorized alterations, users need a way to validate a backup’s authenticity before relying on it. Blockchain notarization offers indisputable proof that a file hasn’t been tampered with.

Protect your data, applications, and systems against today’s ever-changing cyberthreats

At its most basic level, security means freedom from danger. Unfortunately, the digital world is filled with constantly evolving attacks – from ransomware that encrypts files to cryptomining malware that hijacks your system resources while injecting other threats.

Securing your digital environment requires a protection strategy that includes an integrated defense that can stop all online threats, including new strains that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities.

  • Data drotection solutions
    Acronis provides backup and disaster recovery solutions – enhanced by integrated anti-malware and blockchain-based data authentication technologies – to protect all data in any environment including physical, virtual, cloud, mobile and applications.
  • Cyber Cloud solutions
    Acronis empowers service providers and enterprises to deliver easy, efficient and secure cyber protection and disaster recovery capabilities to customers, remote offices, and the edge. Solutions are fully integrated and all managed from a single console.
  • Cyber Infrastructure solutions
    Acronis enables service providers and enterprises to rapidly deploy scalable, cost-efficient, multi-purpose cyber protection solutions for any size environment, including at the edge. Runs on industry-standard hardware or one of Acronis’ appliances.

Choose your cyber protection

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

    Modernize your clients' security and backup with integrated cyber protection

  • Acronis Cyber Protect

    Keep running with the most reliable and easy-to-use backup solution for businesses of all sizes

  • Acronis True Image

    Protect your digital life with the only personal cyber protection solution that integrates backup and anti-malware

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