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Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 8.0 delivers the most effective anti-spyware solution

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., February 22, 2005 — Acronis, Inc., the technological leader in storage management solutions, announced major upgrades with the release of Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 8.0. The new version, which begins shipping ___, includes the proactive real time anti-spyware protection; ability to scan selected folders or disks; the ability to prevent a hidden program on a computer to log the user's key strokes; and automatic updates.

"Identity theft and financial fraud are becoming epidemic", wrote Avivah Litan, vice president and research director in Gartner Research, and Ray Wagner, research vice president in the Gartner Information Security Strategies group, in a 2004 report entitled "The Growing Threat of Online Attacks on Consumers". Although these kinds of crimes have been around for ages, the Internet has provided criminals with a wide variety of new, online methods for swindling unsuspecting victims.

Gartner, in fact, has produced several reports recently on user's online security. "It isn't only phishing that endangers online consumer security. Malicious software can download programs that enable criminals to record the keystrokes on user's computers", Litan, Wagner, and Richard Stiennon wrote in a report entitled "Emerging Solutions Prevent Keyboard Logging Attacks" that examined methods for reducing the effect of keyboard loggers.

"Spyware is among the most destructive applications that can be introduced to a system", said Max Tsypliaev, CEO of Acronis. "Having a proactive method of defeating it before it damages a user's system is a most effective way of protecting your personal information".

"Additionally, providing users with a value add security tools like file Shredder, Drive Cleanser, Internet Cleanup, System Cleanup, Applications Traces Cleanup, Pop-up Blocker, and Paging File Cleaner, makes Acronis Privacy Expert Suite the most comprehensive and must have Internet and system security solution."

"Last year, PC Magazine saw fit to honor Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 7.0 with its Editor's Choice Award", said Stephen Lawton, Acronis director of marketing. "This year we've improved many of the program's key features and added several new capabilities, further ensuring that user information remains private. With the addition of proactive monitoring and shielding of key system resources, plus the ability to shred files individually or in bulk, Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 8.0 now becomes the leading anti-spyware solution on the market and has the entire toolbox to complement your antivirus and firewall software."

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Acronis sets the standard for cyber protection and hybrid cloud storage through its innovative backup, anti-ransomware; disaster recovery, storage, and enterprise file sync and share solutions. Enhanced by AI-based Active Protection technology, blockchain-based authentication and a unique hybrid-cloud architecture, Acronis protects all data in any environment, including physical, virtual, cloud, mobile workloads and applications.

Founded in Singapore in 2003, today the company is trusted by more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses worldwide, including 79 of the top 100 most valuable brands.

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