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Acumatica Demonstrates Acronis Notary™ and Acronis ASign™, Showing the Future of Blockchain-Based Document Certification in ERP Market

February 2, 2017 – Acronis, a global leader in hybrid-cloud data protection and storage is proud to announce that global ERP vendor Acumatica integrated Acronis Notary™ and Acronis ASign™ into its Cloud ERP platform to protect documents and ledgers with digital fingerprints and certificates of authenticity. Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign brings great benefits to Acumatica’s customers, partners, and independent software vendors by protecting data from tampering and therefore increasing long term compliance and transparency of all transactions.

Acronis is one of the first global companies to make blockchain-based data verification ready for production environment. Both products are easy to use and easy to integrate into third-party services and applications through API, making the process of data certification extremely simple and cost effective. Acronis Notary is also available as a service for personal use and small office and home office (SoHo) businesses. It has the capacity to improve peer to peer collaboration by establishing trust.

“Blockchain is going to revolutionize the relationship between customers and vendors’ said Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, “ stablishing a higher level of trust between different parties, all because documents and transactions can be easily traced and verified by any party and at any time. Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign fits perfectly into Acumatica’s business model as we enable small businesses around the world to meet the demand for compliance and operations transparency,”

How do Acronis Notary and Acronis ASign protect data from tampering?

Acronis Notary generates unique signatures of data and transactions and enters them into the global distributed blockchain database. Blockchain-secured data has provable integrity because the data is attributed to an irrefutable identity, is validated by all copies of the ledger, is always available, and can never be changed.

Acronis ASign allows multiple parties to execute and certify a document with a secure and publicly auditable digital signature. Acronis ASign generates a unique certificate that contains images of the signatures, timestamps, and other information, providing an audit trail that can be at any time verified as authentic with the help of blockchain.

Acronis’ blockchain-based data verification is a standard part of Acronis data protection and storage products such as Acronis Storage and Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation. It is designed for easy integration into third party services such as Acumatica and have vertical application in retail, service, and manufacturing.

“Growing threats to cyber security created a need for an unquestionable method to prove data integrity. Software vendors and customers look for an easy way to make sure that their data has not been tampered with. This is where Acronis Notary with its blockchain-backend comes into play. It is the most reliable technology available on the market today, and Acronis makes it easy for everyone,” said Serguei Beloussov, founder and CEO or Acronis.

About Acumatica

Acumatica provides cloud-based business management software that enables small and mid-size companies to accelerate their businesses.  Built on cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, on a robust and flexible platform. For more information, visit

About Acronis

Acronis sets the standard for cyber protection and hybrid cloud storage through its innovative backup, anti-ransomware; disaster recovery, storage, and enterprise file sync and share solutions. Enhanced by AI-based Active Protection technology, blockchain-based authentication and a unique hybrid-cloud architecture, Acronis protects all data in any environment, including physical, virtual, cloud, mobile workloads and applications.

Founded in Singapore in 2003, today the company is trusted by more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses worldwide, including 79 of the top 100 most valuable brands.

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