June 17, 2019
Press release

The Acronis Foundation Opens New School in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru

Sixth school opened since the launch of the School Initiative program in 2018

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today announcedthat in partnership withthe Italian charity Don Bosco 3A, it has opened a new school in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru. This is the sixth school Acronis has helped open. TheInstitución Educativa Virgen de las Gracias will provide a quality educational environment, including free education, learning materials, uniforms, and lunch for about 230 children, chosen from among the neediest in the community.

Compared to other Latin American countries, education in Peru falls short. There are many reasons for this, including the high costs of matriculation and school uniforms, the lack of sanitary facilities, early pregnancies, child labor, and poor learning outcomes. Based on data from the 2017 Educational Census, conducted by the Ministry of Education (Minedu), only 548 educational institutions in the region are in good condition, and only 18 perecent of those school in good condition are locaedin Santa and Nuevo Chimbote.

"The Acronis Foundation is dedicated to creating, protecting, and sharing knowledge around the world," said Patrick Hurley, Acronis' Vice President and General Manager of the Americas. "With the support of Don Bosco 3A, the opening of the new school in Nuevo Chimbote helps to extend knowledge and opportunity to a region that was in dire need of it."

Nuevo Chimbote is located about 590 km north of Peru's capital, Lima, and once was a flourishing district in the early 1940s. Unfortunately, a terrible earthquake, overfishing of the bay, and a series of other problems have led to rampant social and economic difficulties, including low-employment, extreme poverty, child malnutrition, and an underfunded educational system.

"We are honored to work with the Acronis Foundation to help support their initiative to bring free quality education to the neediest communities and children," said Padre Samuele Fattini from Don Bosco 3A. "Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, so with this new school, we are giving the children of Chimbote an opportunity to learn about the world and unlock their true potential."

"The community was the main initiator of the project. They're deeply involved in the planning and implementation process of the new school. This involvement and ownership will guarantee the sustainability and high impact of the project," said Christian Jaeger, Project Manager of the Acronis Foundation. "We are sure that many future generations of Peruvians will enjoy free education in the new facilities."

TheInstitución Educativa Virgen de las Gracias will now have eight classrooms that will provide educational services to 100 new students. Additionally, there new school will house one meeting room, proper sanitary facilities for boys, girls, and teachers, and an improved schoolyard for sport, dance, and theater lessons. The school was constructed with durable materials to withstand the extreme local weather conditions and ensure sustainability into the future.

"I really look forward to teaching my classes in well-equipped rooms and addressing the needs of every single child. It´s not just about a daily structure and a safe learning environment, but also about the opportunity to provide quality education. These kids need to gain important skills to be able to break the cycle of poverty," said one of the school's teachers.

For more information about the Acronis Foundation Schools Initiative, visit: www.acronis.org.

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