June 15, 2020
Press release

Acronis Cyber Protect’s Availability Expands as Demands for Endpoint Security for Remote Work Skyrockets

Acronis enables IT teams to deliver integrated data protection and cybersecurity to all environments and endpoints with beta release

Schaffhausen, Switzerland, June 15, 2020 - Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today announced expanded access to Acronis Cyber Protect - its game-changing flagship solution that integrates data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management - through a beta that is available to all IT teams.

Previously released as a cloud offering through service providers, Acronis Cyber Protect is now available as a beta to deploy on-premises. With this release, IT teams can deploy the solution's unique capabilities across all environments to safeguard all data, applications, and systems. Acronis' flexible deployment model enables Acronis Cyber Protect to meet the needs of teams with air gapped environments, in regulated industries that deploy local non-networked devices, and companies with remote work policies that must meet organizational data protection and cybersecurity standards.

"The COVID-19 pandemic requires more businesses than ever to adopt remote work policies," offered Acronis Executive Officer Serg Bell. "While remote work offers a lot of benefits, it can put valuable company data at risk as it is accessed and used on home networks that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. We've already seen how Acronis Cyber Protect can eliminate those risks in third-party managed environments. Releasing it as a beta empowers more organizations to choose how they protect their data, devices, and infrastructure."

With a recent survey by Gartner revealing that 74% of organizations intend to permanently shift some employees to remote work, the ability to add comprehensive and proven endpoint security - without increasing complexity or IT staffing requirements - becomes a critical business need and competitive advantage.

Embedded remote work application protection

The recent global health crisis redefined how work is conducted, as companies of all sizes had to adopt remote work practices. Acronis Cyber Protect includes tools that secure and protect remote workers data and devices. For example, it blocks Zoom vulnerabilities and prevents session ID theft and similar protections are included for WebEx, MS Teams, and other applications to ensure remote teams can remain protected while being productive.

Enabling proactive cybersecurity

Acronis Cyber Protect solves modern cybersecurity challenges by going beyond traditional signature-based anti-virus solutions, with AI-based behavioural and heuristic anti-malware that stops ransomware and cryptojacking attacks in real-time. Acronis' solution has been proven to have a 100% detection rate with zero false positives by both Virus Bulletin and the independent security lab AV-Test.

This combination of real-time anti-malware protection with on-demand scanning and malware removal, AI-based pre-execution analysis, behavioural analysis, dynamic detection rules, and the other capabilities of traditional anti-virus and endpoint protection products ensures Acronis Cyber Protect delivers all of the capabilities needed for modern cybersecurity, with industry leading data protection services.

Acronis Cyber Protect is VB100 certified and its unique capabilities and integrations recently earned Acronis Cyber Protect the 2020 New Product Innovation Award for Data Protection from Frost & Sullivan.

Three layers of integrated protection

The integrated and automated architecture of Acronis Cyber Protect enables it to provide greater data protection than backup alone - delivering proactive, active, and reactive capabilities.

  • Vulnerability assessments and patch management, removal of malware from backups, hard drive health checks, and patching on recovery to prevent reoccurring infections offer proactive protection against downtime.
  • Continuous data protection, real-time defenses against viruses, ransomware, and cryptojacking, and self-defense capabilities that guard the agent and backup storage deliver active protection from threats.
  • Integrated disaster recovery, metadata storage for the forensic investigation of incidents, and the ability to co-exist with other security solutions provide reactive protection.

Embraced by the industry

In an IDC report published by Phil Goodwin and Robyn Westervelt, Acronis Cyber Protect was named "one of the most comprehensive attempts to provide data protection and cyber security to date", and that "Acronis shows potential to disrupt traditional IT security vendors by delivering integrated components for backup/recovery and malware detection and protection."

That disruptive performance has been enthusiastically accepted by the managed service providers (MSPs) and their client since its launch. "With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, we can now offer our clients the peace of mind that data is being backed up while most of their employees are now at home, while offering an additional layer of endpoint protection and cybersecurity."

Resellers like Technopeak have also seen a great response. Managing Director Alexander Sokolov noted that "with regards to the surge in remote workers due to the global pandemic, we are strongly recommending Acronis Cyber Protect to customers, especially if they are using personal devices."

Registration for the open beta of the on-premises version of Acronis Cyber Protect is now open. Interested parties may access the Acronis website to register for participation in the beta test.

About Acronis:

Acronis is a global cyber protection company that provides natively integrated cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management for managed service providers (MSPs), small and medium businesses (SMBs), and enterprise IT departments. Acronis solutions are highly efficient and designed to identify, prevent, detect, respond, remediate, and recover from modern cyberthreats with minimal downtime, ensuring data integrity and business continuity. Acronis offers the most comprehensive security solution on the market for MSPs with its unique ability to meet the needs of diverse and distributed IT environments.

A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses. Learn more at www.acronis.com.
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Katya Turtseva
VP of Communications