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Traditional backup solutions are no longer enough, so this World Backup Day we’re moving backup forward and launching World Cyber Protection Week.

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Backup is dead

You need more to defend your data

Protecting the data, applications, and systems that you, your business, and your clients rely on is hard – and traditional backup solutions don’t make it any easier.

Today, you need constant access to data and rely on diverse, globally located devices to maintain that access. Meanwhile modern malware targets the backups you use to keep everything safe.

This World Backup Day – part of the first-ever World Cyber Protection Week – evolve your defenses with an integrated, modern approach: Cyber protection fits use cases from individual laptops to worldwide enterprises.

~40%Of specialists cite the increasing complexity of cyberattacks and IT environments as a significant challengeSource: IDCWorld Backup Day

A new approach

What is cyber protection?

Cyber protection is a modern approach to protection that takes the necessary next step of combining data protection best practices – like running regular backups that adhere to the 3-2-1 rule of backup and leveraging innovative cybersecurity technologies. This integrated approach helps individuals and organizations become #CyberFit: able to easily, efficiently, and securely overcome the threats to data, application, and systems at work and at home.

  • Complexity

    Data volumes are exploding and the variety of devices used to create, access, and store that data is on the rise, as well. Each of these devices represents an additional opportunity for data loss. And trying to protect them all through traditional solutions forces you to decide between a difficult to manage patchwork of solutions or greater security vulnerabilities.

  • Security

    Despite the old adage, cybercrime does pay. Cybercriminals are evolving the sophistication of their attacks and are raking in millions in the process. Many ransomware strains now target backups when they’re first deployed, eliminating your means of recovery. And with new strains emerging daily, traditional cybersecurity solutions can’t always come to your rescue.

  • Cost

    Managing larger quantities of data, and a larger variety of solutions to protect that data, gets expensive. For personal users, small businesses, and service providers, these costs can quickly make thorough protection untenable. For larger organizations, maintaining the trained staff needed to keep these solutions working can restrict business growth and efficiency.

Why everyone needs protection

Whether you’re a personal user, an IT pro, or an MSP responsible for a wide range of clients, your devices store irreplaceable information. To protect them effectively, you’ll need a new, more robust approach.

World Backup Day$84,116 Average cost to recover from ransomware Source: ForbesWorld Backup DayWorld Backup Day

World Backup Day42% Of businesses suffered data loss that resulted in downtime this year Source: AcronisWorld Backup Day

Why legacy backup solutions aren’t enough

Competing against modern challenges demands more

  • World Backup Day7 in 10 companies admit they aren’t prepared to respond to cyberattacks Source: Inc
  • World Backup DayJust 1 in 4 businesses uses a hybrid of local and cloud backups, a best practice Source: Acronis
  • World Backup Day10+ popular backup and anti-malware solutions are actively targeted by ransomware Source: Acronis
  • World Backup Day40% organizations don’t protect Office 365 data, incorrectly assuming Microsoft does Source: Dark Reading

65% Of people reported losing data or devices last year Source: AcronisWorld Backup Day

World Backup Day$250,000 The average hourly cost of downtime for organizations Source: IDC

Make sure you’re #CyberFit

The Balance of Cyber Protection

To safeguard important data – whether your own, your organization’s or a client’s – you need comprehensive cyber protection. By becoming #CyberFit you can achieve complete peace of mind and reduce the amount of time and stress that goes into defending the data you’re responsible for. That’s because you will have balanced the five competing needs of modern personal and professional IT users – needs known by the acronym SAPAS.

World Backup Day

The Five Vectors of Cyber Protection

  • 1Safety Ensure that reliable copies of your data, applications, and systems are always available

    Being "safe" means avoiding things that can cause injury, pain, and loss – which are critical in the digital world. That’s because unlike physical items, digital assets are much more vulnerable and can be easily destroyed – either accidentally or on purpose.

    Creating reliable backups of your data, applications, and systems – and storing them in a way that ensures information is available when you need to recover something – is the only way to keep everything safe.
  • 2Accessibility Make your data, applications, and systems easily available from anywhere at any time

    In today’s mobile world, we carry more computing power in our pocket than was used to send a man to the moon. To take advantage of that technology, we need to access our data, applications, and systems from wherever we are.

    Cyber protection ensures that access, while balancing it against the need to keep digital environments and assets safe, private, authentic, and secure. Locking a hard drive in a vault makes the contents safe but inaccessible – so it’s not useful.
  • 3Privacy Control who has visibility and access to all of your digital assets

    From identity theft to corporate espionage, keeping things private is a basic need for individuals and companies alike. Yet the recent spike in breaches around the world shows that few companies are taking appropriate steps to combat modern incursions.

    Limiting who can view and use your data, applications, and systems should be under your complete control – whether that’s managing permissions for users or employing enterprise-grade encryption to block prying eyes.
  • 4Authenticity Create undeniable, certifiable proof that a copy is an exact replica of the original

    Knowing that something is "authentic" means we can prove it is true or original. For IT pros, knowing a backup is authentic is vital since recovering a file, server, or entire infrastructure from an altered or corrupted version can put a company at risk.

    Given the threat posed by unauthorized alterations, users need a way to validate a backup’s authenticity before relying on it. Blockchain notarization offers indisputable proof that a file hasn’t been tampered with.
  • 5Security Protect your data, applications, and systems against today’s ever-changing cyberthreats

    At its most basic level, security means freedom from danger. Unfortunately, the digital world is filled with constantly evolving attacks – from ransomware that encrypts files to cryptomining malware that hijacks your system resources while injecting other threats.

    Securing your digital environment requires a protection strategy that includes an integrated defense that can stop all online threats, including new strains that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities.


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  • Effectively Use cloning and mirror imaging to make a duplicate of your system, capturing all of your data for disk migration or system recovery.
  • Systematically Back up to a local drive and to the cloud for the dual protection of always having on-site and off-site copies available.
  • Rapidly Quickly recover your whole system or a specific file with confidence, knowing that the backup is as good as the original.


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  • Without Interruption Ensure business continuity by recovering from disaster in seconds by proactively avoiding downtime.
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