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How to Protect Red Hat Virtual Environments with Acronis Backup
Virtual machine backups are a pressing task for IT departments today as virtualization plays a greater role in the enterprise. Data loss on a virtual server can be just as catastrophic as data loss on a physical server, so every virtual server must be secured for business continuity and for disaster recovery planning.
Executive Summaries
Acronis laps Veeam in 8 categories
Acronis Laps Veeam in 8 Categories. Find out why Acronis is better than Veeam.
  • Acronis Backup protects more platforms including mobile devices, and more hypervisors and legacy operating systems. 
  • Acronis Backup is the only solution that delivers advanced AI- and ML-based ransomware protection. 
Acronis Backup Datasheet
Lost data leads to lost revenue and downtime, often results in customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and additional expenses to get running again. That’s why businesses depend on the availability and security of all data.

Acronis Professional Services
If your organization has a complex IT infrastructure or limited IT resources, Acronis Professional Services can assist you with the design, integration, implementation, and on-going operation of your Acronis backup, disaster recovery, storage, file sync and share, monitoring, and other data protection solutions.
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