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Acronis Cyber Readiness Report 2021

An independent research study providing a comprehensive overview of the key landscape changes, featuring year-on-year trends.

Cybersecurity landscape changed by the pandemic – at a glance. Download the Acronis Cyber Readiness Report 2021, which surveyed over 3,600 global companies and remote workers from 18 countries amid the pandemic – and uncover the permanent shifts in the global cybersecurity landscape.

You’ll find:

  • What new challenges IT leaders and managers across the world identify as toughest
  • What key IT infrastructure vulnerabilities caused most damage in the past year
  • How many more cyberattacks large businesses, SMBs and consumers truly face on a daily basis
  • What types of attacks have been favored by cybercriminals – and which will they focus on next year
  • How ready are employees to switch to permanent remote work – compared to last year
Acronis Cyber Readiness Report 2021