April 16, 2024
Case Studies

Dataone replaces Symantec with Acronis Advanced Security + EDR

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• The previous solution vendor was acquired that led to increased complexity.
• Complicated configuration and time-consuming policy updates.
• Integration with the existing backup solution.
• User-friendly console that is centrally managed.
• Reliable cyber protection that supports Dataone’s 360-degree assistance.
• Enhanced client satisfaction.
• Between a dozen to a thousand client workstations.
• Improved efficiency and quality of service.
• Outstanding feedback from clients.
• Increased confidence among IT technicians to implement policies and configuration settings.

Amid the Broadcom-Symantec acquisition, Italy-based service provider Dataone switches to Acronis to enjoy ‘MSP mode’ simplicity and ease of use. 


Founded in 2001, Dataone is an Italy-based managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on three core areas of expertise: network integration, server and virtualization, and software design and development. The company comprises a multidisciplinary team of IT engineers and telecommunications experts. With a broad client portfolio, Dataone serves businesses across a wide range of vertical markets, including health care, manufacturing and supply chain. Leveraging over 15 years in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, the company's mission remains laser focused on supporting the digital growth of organizations and institutions by providing technological skills and solutions. 


When news broke of Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec, Dataone feared their business would be impacted by unexpected migration issues and a debilitating period of transition. Additionally, Dataone grappled with complex security configurations, and the team didn’t feel confident when updating security policy settings. According to Angelo Centorame, Head of Infrastructure and Systems Area, Dataone, “Colleagues in our headquarter location who frequently work with clients had to maintain constant contact with them. They had to clarify doubts about the configurations, correct settings and updated policies.” Dataone’s clients had ongoing qualms about the Symantec solution. Its complicated policy settings made clients concerned about inadvertently creating security gaps that could introduce cyberthreats. 

Facing increased complexity and uncertainty with Symantec’s solution, Dataone decided it was time to look for a new solution.  


For Dataone, a solution that was reliable and easy to use was imperative. They were looking to enhance efficiency and improve confidence levels for both Dataone technicians and clients alike. Dataone replaced Symantec’s backup solution with Acronis backup nearly ten years prior and they remain a client today. Dataone was intrigued by Acronis’ expanding solution portfolio and ongoing investment and innovation in cybersecurity.  

Centorame and the team attended an Acronis Advanced Security + EDR launch event and leapt at the opportunity to explore Acronis’ endpoint security technology in action. They enjoyed testing and trying new products that Acronis had launched in the past. “When Acronis started building its security solution,” said Centorame, “the product was still being developed, but we were convinced by the fact that there was a large investment in the cybersecurity space, and we found Acronis' proposition intriguing because it was basically in ‘MSP mode,’ and we did not have many similar solutions. It is a business model that allows the partner to manage the client directly, which we found exciting." 

Drawing from their 10-year relationship with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s backup, Dataone knew that Advanced Security + EDR would be built for MSPs. They could also be confident that their existing Acronis backup was built to work with Acronis Advanced Security + EDR because the two are natively integrated. For that reason, the team determined Acronis was the ideal cybersecurity solution and added Advanced Security + EDR to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. 

“We really appreciate the direct relationship we have with Acronis, both commercially and technically. We usually open tickets, and the support responds promptly. From a commercial point of view, Acronis’ presence has always been punctual. When we had emergencies, even serious ones, Acronis solved the problem brilliantly.”
Angelo Centorame, Head of Infrastructure and Systems Area, Dataone

The result 

When it came to searching for a new security solution, one of Centorame’s frustrations was that other cybersecurity vendors heavily focus on the enterprise segment and frequently exclude service provider clients who have unique portfolios. In addition to Advanced Security + EDR, Dataone uses a variety of Acronis solutions, including backup, disaster recovery and Advanced Management. Centorame noted that Acronis’ single platform and centralized console had paid off. This integrated approach improved Dataone’s efficiency by consolidating cybersecurity, backup and endpoint management. The Dataone team no longer needs to cobble different solutions from different vendors but can manage it all in one solution. 

For Dataone, maintaining strong relationships with clients is a lynchpin for success. Centorame reported that the greatest impact from using Acronis Advanced Security + EDR is client satisfaction. The solution simplified cyber protection for Dataone and played an integral role in fortifying business resilience for clients.  

Reducing cyber risk and ensuring business continuity has helped Dataone earn industry recognition as a telecommunications network operator and a registered wireless internet service provider (WISP) in the Register of Communications Operators (ROC). For this reason, Dataone has obtained a UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and the first-degree ministerial authorization. Additionally, the team actively participates in Acronis MSP Academy online training sessions and has earned numerous certifications to hone their craft. 

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