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Checklist: Five signs you need to add EDR to your MSP tech stack

Be prepared: Advanced attacks are on the rise

Protecting endpoints shouldn’t be complicated and expensive. But today’s endpoint detection and response tools force MSPs to resort to costly, advanced security expertise and require multiple point products for complete protection — including business continuity. Long time to value and resource-intensive services support are often needed, putting market-leading endpoint protection out of reach of all but the very largest organizations. With Acronis, there’s a better way.

Taking advantage of trends like solution consolidation and AI-based guided incident analysis and remediation, Acronis has reduced the cost and complexity associated with EDR, democratizing the technology downmarket. Now is a great time for service providers to expand their services with comprehensive endpoint security that’s easy to use, deploy and manage — unlocking a unique level of business continuity for your clients.

Check the five signs that you need to add EDR to your tech stack

Five signs you need to add Endpoint Detection and Response to your MSP tech stack