February 04, 2024

Secure server backup: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud vs. Veeam Data Platform

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How does Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud stack up against the Veeam Data Platform

As of December 2023, the G2® Winter of 2024 Server Backup Product Comparison Report analyzed Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and the Veaam Data Platform based on user satisfaction ratings collected from real-world G2 reviews. The comparison examines both solutions head to head across ratings and features, including overall partnership experience, ease of setup and administration, cloud data protection, data encryption, security and compliance, and likelihood to recommend. Additionally, the report compares each solution’s average return on investment (ROI) over several months. User Satisfaction Ratings are displayed by a percentage of 100% — and based on these percentages, the verdict was clear among G2 reviewers.  

How does Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud stack up against the Veeam Data Platform?

Based on G2 User Satisfaction Ratings, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud emerged as the victor across 17 noteworthy ratings and features. Notably, Acronis had the greatest winning margins when it came to cloud data protection with a 6% edge over Veeam, remote backup with a 4% lead and storage capacity with a 4% advantage. 

In terms of average ROI, G2 users saw faster average ROI with Acronis than with Veeam. Remarkably, the average ROI with Acronis was six months sooner than with Veeam and 12% never got full payback with the Veeam Data Platform.

Read the report to uncover more insights, see the user satisfaction ratings for yourself and explore how to help your MSP business future-proof server backup investments with Acronis.