June 26, 2024
Case Studies

Lithium Systems replaces Microsoft Defender for Office 365 with Acronis Advanced Email Security

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Scotland-based IT service provider protects 1,200-plus endpoints and reduces client onboarding time to less than one hour with Acronis.

Lithium Systems is a managed service provider with over 20 years of experience serving small and medium-sized enterprise markets, primarily in Scotland and across the U.K. Lithium offers a robust range of IT services and support, including application, hardware, network, broadband and telecom. 

Juggling various backup tools presented challenges that made it not only difficult for the Lithium team to manage data protection, but also to stay up to date on products and services across the board. Additionally, Lithium used Microsoft Defender for email protection which was complicated to configure. But what was most alarming was that the previous solution failed to stop QR code phishing emails. 

Lithium determined that Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Email Security was the perfect fit. The solution empowered Lithium to streamline email-threat incident workflow and enabled junior technicians to resolve email security-related tickets. 

Download the case study to see how switching from Microsoft Defender to Acronis helped Lithium achieve cost savings and reduce client onboarding time.

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