June 08, 2023
Case Studies

Pitch Perfect: Acronis secures future of Los Angeles Football Club with integrated data backup and protection solutions

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Los Angeles Football Club and Acronis began their #TeamUp partnership in mid-2022
Acronis Cyber Protect keeps player information and remote workers safe
Acronis provides “peace of mind” to the team as they’re free to function without worrying about backend

A healthy sports team requires more than just strong athletic talent and exceptional tactics, it takes an equally skilled team working behind the scenes to keep the team safe and stable. Sports teams are just like any other business, requiring dedicated staff and a functioning and well-protected digital infrastructure. The Acronis #TeamUp program enables the leading cyber protection company to partner with professional sports teams, securing a team’s backend while offering a far reach of exposure for all parties involved.

Representatives at Acronis spoke with Christian Lau, Chief Technology Officer of the Los Angeles Football Club, to discuss the team’s experience with using Acronis products. The LAFC uses Acronis Cyber Protect.

“A bullet-proof platform”

The Los Angeles Football Club started working with Acronis in mid-2022, Lau explained. He praised the simplicity of the product, explaining how beneficial it is for Acronis to not require constant maintenance and configuration once set up — allowing his team of only two staff to focus on other priorities, especially guest experiences. Lau continued to explain that Acronis offers “peace of mind” with its services, dubbing the software “a bullet-proof platform.”

Acronis is used at LAFC to protect over 170 employees. On the enterprise side, Acronis is used to protect dozens of servers, Lau explained, filled with important content: videos, player information and much more, with a heavy emphasis on protecting the large volume of their video data. Although the team is fortunate enough so far to have no need for utilizing Acronis’ backup and recovery services, Lau commented on how he’s aware Acronis’ backup service has a reputation for being simple to use.

“The service and support that we get are extraordinary,” Lau said, continuing further to praise Acronis’ ability to quickly respond and directly work with the team when assistance is required.

LAFC was directly impacted by the pandemic, with its facilities closing for the better part of a year and employees still working remotely. With Acronis, Lau explained, the IT team can achieve peace of mind knowing that all remote employees are well protected, despite not being protected by the team’s firewall.

The discussion concluded with Lau commenting on how Acronis protects the team’s edge devices and players. As their players and employees (including video photographers and sports promoters) travel around the globe and transmit and receive large volumes of data, their knowing that Acronis is protecting their backend provides peace of mind and gives them “a competitive advantage,” securing e-mails, data and anything else that needs protection.

Acronis’ single-agent platform continuously proves to benefit its partners by simplifying their cyber protection solutions and freeing up critical time and resources, allowing users to focus on other important areas — and, in some cases, on the field.

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