May 28, 2020
Case Studies

Proud Innovations Leverages Acronis Cyber Notary to Provide GxP Compliance to Pharmaceutical Industry

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Proud Innovations is a Dutch IT consulting firm with a unique niche. It consults to pharmaceutical companies about data integrity and assurance, ultimately advising on GxP compliance (e.g. Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Documentation Practice, and Good Clinical Practice) and IT at the same time. Proud Innovations consults primarily with Quality Assurance (QA) departments in multi-national pharmaceutical firms, helping these departments – who control GxP environments – ensure data assurance for everything coming out of their labs. The firm is three years old, has seven full time staff, and is run by president and founder, Steven Trommel.
Acronis Cyber Notary addresses all of the data integrity and authenticity requirements presented by the European Commission in its governance of GxP environments.
This has enabled Proud Innovations to help QA departments within the pharmaceutical industry as they modernize their backup strategies to be GxP-compliant. According to Trommel, “When our clients create new files, the policy we implement is to immediately back up and notarize the file so we know we have the original and can therefore determine if it was ever modified or tampered with.”

Cyber Protect
formerly Acronis Cyber Backup