September 10, 2015

Ransomware: The New Cyber Threat and How to Stop it - Infographic

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Ransomware - The New Cyber Threat & How to Stop It - Acronis

“Your files have been encrypted. Pay $500 for a decryption key within 10 days or your data will be deleted — click here for payment instructions.”

That message could be for you when infected by Ransomware – a type of malware that blocks access to files or your systems until the ransom is paid. According to McAfee Labs Threats Report (February 2015), each quarter the number of ransomware types grows on average of 155%.

This infographic explains what ransomware is, what types there are and how to stop it. Actually, you can't stop it, but there is a solution to overcome it: it is called cloud backup! With cloud backup you:

  • Protect your data and system reliably
  • Restore your data and system to an earlier clean state
  • Avoid issues with local backup files encrypted
  • Ensure safety of your data

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