A Simple Strategy to Grow Your IT Business. How to Expand Your Backup Offering
Customers today need their IT service provider to be upfront about the realities of living in a data-dependent world. Your ability to be a trusted resource with full-service capabilities – the fixer as well as the proactive consultant – lays the foundation needed to build new opportunities and realize greater success.
Understanding Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Service providers know it is not a question of if a business will experience data loss, it is a matter of when. Backup is widely employed as the last line of defense to protect against threats like human error, infrastructure failure or natural disaster.
Modern Data Protection. The Difference is in the Cloud
Simplify is often a valuable mantra of success. Yet in a complex and ever-evolving IT environment, it isn’t necessarily the go-to approach for service providers. In the case of data protection, simplification may not only seem unlikely, but potentially unwise.
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