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Your business is at risk! Get smart about your backup before it’s too late. World Backup Day is March 31 and at Acronis we're celebrating all month long with blog posts, special promotions and contests.

Every day, your business faces an increasing number of data challenges that threaten your survival.  Here are the top 4 reasons why it’s time to revisit your backup strategy today:

1. Data Disasters

Although local backup is perfect for daily mishaps, it cannot guard your critical systems against larger threats like fire, flood & theft. The average rate of climate disasters has doubled in the last 5 years, and device theft has reached epidemic proportions due to the popularity of mobile technology.

Did you know?

  • 30% of all businesses close within 1 year of a major fire (Boston Computing)
  • 60% of companies close within 6 months of a disaster (Boston Computing)
  • 1 laptop is stolen every 53 seconds  (The Guardian)
  • 52% of devices are stolen from the office/workplace (Kensington)
  • 24% of devices are stolen from conferences (Kensington)

To avoid severe and/or permanent impact on your business, prepare for these eventualities by adding off-site cloud backup today!

2. Cyber-Threats

Every year, we spend billions of dollars scrambling to stay ahead of malicious threats, unauthorized access and malware attacks.

Did you know?

  • 390,000+ new malware programs are discovered every day (Independent IT-Security Institute)
  • 36% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses (CIO)

No one can guarantee your immunity! Your survival depends on a reliable backup solution that will fully restore critical systems fast, thereby minimizing downtime and avoiding expensive data loss.  

3. Hardware Failure

Hardware failure remains a top concern for most IT departments.

Did you know?  

  • 100% of all disk & tape drives eventually fail
  • A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds (Royal Roads)
  • 21% of all critical data loss is caused by hardware failure (Data Barracks)

Hardware failure can also be a huge time-sink! In most cases, restoring crashed systems to new machines requires an identical make/model with identical setups. To skip this headache, your backup solution should be flexible enough to work with any replacement—without complication or data loss!

4. New, Evolving Technology

Today’s technology is changing at an increasingly rapid rate—and as the saying goes, you must “adapt or die!” If your business cannot embrace the future fast, you run the risk of being left behind.

Did you know?

  • Experts predict 4300% growth in annual data by 2020 (CSC IT)
  • Virtual machines will account for 86% of all server workloads by the end of 2016 (Spiceworks)
  • Server replacement cycles are now as short as 2-3 years max (Computerworld)

Meeting new requirements and managing new volumes while maintaining backup coverage can be complicated and expensive! Your backup strategy should be inclusive, flexible and scalable so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Rising above these challenges is easier than you think!

To get started, check out these special World Backup Day offers designed to fortify your business-critical systems and disaster-proof your backup strategy.

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