Acronis and Redmond Magazine Survey: Tape Unreliable, Cloud Backup on the Rise

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Gone are the days when tape backups kept IT sleeping soundly. In a new survey from Acronis, conducted by Redmond Magazine75 percent of organizations experienced tape failure in the last year – an unacceptable rate, calling out the dangers of a single point of failure. One form of backup, whether physical or virtual, isn’t enough to guarantee uptime and business continuity. That explains why 59 percent of survey respondents are looking for ways to eliminate this single point of failure, with many looking to off-site cloud solutions for more secure data protection.

Acronis’ survey results, released today, showed that nearly a quarter of organizations are already backing up to the cloud. Respondents cited data protection (43 percent) and cost savings (24 percent) as the biggest benefits to cloud backup. Reliable off-site storage is essential to comprehensive data protection in a data-driven age with near-zero tolerance for downtime. Scalable cloud backup is now recognized as a reliable alternative to tape and other legacy backups with high failure rates.

However, despite rising cloud backup adoption, organizations may still be overlooking the data risks associated with bring-your-own-device (BYOD), failing to account for data traveling between corporate networks and personal devices. With 81 percent of employees already using their devices at work, it’s troubling that 65 percent of organizations surveyed are failing to back up personal devices to the cloud. Almost a quarter see personal device integration as their biggest backup and recovery challenge today.

The best way to guarantee data protection, regardless of its location, is to adopt the 3-2-1 strategy: keep three copies of data, one primary and two backups; store backups on two types of media; and keep one copy of data off-site. As a component of 3-2-1, cloud backup is an invaluable off-site solution for both traditional infrastructure and personal devices. 

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