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As with many products, users often choose software based on trusted media reviews and reports. Reviews that are based on tests that clearly compare products against each other can be the most insightful when trying to find the best option.

Knowing how we stack-up against the competition is helpful to Acronis as well, so we recently put ourselves in the shoes of a regular user – examining recent tests to identify which backup product stood out from the crowd.

Like many users, we concentrated on independent tests of products tested in the first half of 2017 that clearly rank the top three products being compared. We specifically looked at tests conducted by independent testing laboratories (AV-Test Institute, MRG Effitas, NioGuard Security Lab, Anti-Malware Test Lab), as well as global and regional media.

We found that Acronis solutions consistently ranked in the top three, and often landed in first place. Here is a graph summarizing the findings:

Acronis Independent Test Ranking

Note: This graph only includes backup vendors who were included in more than one test.

Bigger bubbles equal better rankings

The graph is a visual representation of how often a vendor finished in the top three of independent tests within a reported period – the bigger the bubble, the better.

In our review exercise, we included a number of comparative tests covering a wide range of topics. Some tests were of consumer backups, while others specifically focused on cloud/online backup solutions. Other tests concentrated on data protection capabilities, such as how effectively the software defended itself against malware in general, or whether the backup solution can stop a ransomware attack in particular (since nearly all ransomware families are now targeting backup files).

Not every backup is equal

When it comes to who to entrust with your valuable data, it’s important to perform your own research. That way you can make an informed decision and find the solution that fits your unique needs.

But as developers who strive to deliver the best solutions, we are proud to see that independent labs and media experts alike found Acronis the top choice for backup.

(Photo source: Lukas Blazek)

Alexander Ivanyuk
Senior Director, Technology
Alexander joined Acronis in 2016 as Global Director, Product and Technology Positioning. At this role Alexander is directly involved into all product launches in terms of messaging, go-to-market strategy and overall positioning including partner relations.

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