Acronis Named Official Cyber Protection Partner of the San Diego Padres

Cyber Protect
for businesses (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup)

Acronis is known for providing organizations of all sizes with the cutting-edge cyber protection solutions that keep them #CyberFit in today’s increasingly volatile digital landscape. That leadership is why so many teams in data-driven sports around the world choose Acronis as their technology partner – and the newest of these partnerships is the San Diego Padres.

Officially announced at the Padres FanFest event in San Diego, CA on January 11, the professional baseball team unveiled their technology partnership with Acronis. Under the multi-year agreement, Acronis will provide innovative cyber protection solutions designed to safeguard data and optimize data workflows to improve the team’s performance both on and off the field.

Winning strategy of cyber protection

Acronis’ technology and solutions are designed to address the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, namely safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (also known by the acronym SAPAS). Ensuring that their data, applications, and systems are covered along all five of these vectors is critical for the smooth operations of businesses and sports teams alike.

“Baseball, like all other major professional sports, is becoming more and more reliant on data,” said Ray Chan, Padres Vice President of Information Technology. “Being able to trust the legitimacy of our data has become a core business need and Acronis has a proven track record of providing the kind of cyber protection we need to keep our data safe.”

The Padres will use Acronis solutions to protect dozens of their ESXi Virtual Machines and hundreds of Microsoft Office 365 seats. Acronis will provide easy, efficient, and secure cyber protection for over 400TB of the team’s valuable data and workloads.

Being #CyberFit in sports

For an organization to be #CyberFit, it must be ready to face any threat to its data, applications, and systems that the modern world may present. By establishing a strong cyber protection program, organizations can respond to every curveball thrown at them.

Considering how modern sports teams rely on data, Acronis’ Founder and CEO Serg “SB” Bell points out that protecting it is more important to a team’s success than ever before.

“Today, the technology used to gather sports science data is incredible. From extremely accurate accelerometers to high-speed cameras, it has never been easier to bring players to peak performance and carry out the most efficient plays,” notes SB. “Cyber protection provided by Acronis protects this mission-critical data and raises confidence that the data is authentic and has not been tampered with. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with the San Diego Padres, who fully understand the importance of cyber protection and have shown a great commitment to getting CyberFit.”

The leader in protecting sports partners

Through its partnership with Acronis, the San Diego Padres have access to a host of cyber protection solutions that can establish IT preparedness at every level – and they join world-class teams from sports around the globe that have embraced this unique approach.

The championship-caliber teams who trust Acronis with their data include baseball’s legendary Boston Red Sox, the English Premier League’s Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, and Manchester City FC, and teams from several motorsports, such as Formula One teams like ROKiT Williams Racing and SportPesa Racing Point, Formula E’s NIO and Venturi, and NASCAR’s Roush-Fenway Racing.

For a more in-depth look at how teams in data-driven sports are using Acronis’ technology to protect, manage, and gain value from their data for a competitive edge, visit the Acronis Sport website.

Final thought

A partnership between the San Diego Padres and the world’s most secure cyber protection service emphasizes how critical it is for data-reliant organizations to understand and implement modern cyber protection. In a sport as data-driven as baseball, teams need a cyber protection service they can trust.

By partnering with Acronis, that’s exactly what the Padres are now equipped with.

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