Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation: A Ransomware Fighter Takes Pole Position Protecting Data and Backups

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In a world where the scourge of ransomware threatens more and more data, it’s of primary importance to protect your data and backups at every step. That’s why the AV-Test Institute examined the threat protection capabilities of popular backup solutions.

If you don’t know what ransomware is yet, you’re lucky. This malicious malware infects your system, encrypts your data, then demands a ransom in return for decrypting it. There’s no sure way to prevent ransomware as it‘s constantly evolving—but luckily, backup software and anti-virus solutions are evolving along with it. (Well, some faster than others.) The AV-Test Institute examined the threat protection capabilities of the popular backup solutions Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation, Carbonite Personal PLUS, CrashPlan for Home, and iDrive.

“The results showed that Acronis was the only product able to detect and stop ransomware from completely infecting a system, offering ‘close-to-perfect’ results.”

The goal of their lab tests was to determine if the data on systems compromised by ransomware could be recovered. The AV-Test team used actual versions of current ransomware in their lab tests, the same threats that infect users in the real world. In order to receive passing marks, the backup solution would be able to recover after an attack, and any changes to the system would have to be reversed with minimal time delay and data loss. The AV-Test Institute used five encryptors to measure effectiveness.

Don’t try this at home! These tests were performed on an isolated network lab. On a desert island*.

The results showed that Acronis was the only product able to detect and stop ransomware from completely infecting a system, offering “close-to-perfect” results. This is a result of behavioral analysis integrated into the solution, which can detect when files are being encrypted. Once detected, Acronis True Image notifies you and you are given the opportunity to whitelist the program (if it really isn’t ransomware), or freeze it indefinitely.

SlideShare: Acronis True Image 3rd Party Speed and Ransomware Protection Tests

The lab pointed out how important it is to protect the backup files and backup programs themselves from attack. In their tests, they noted that “CrashPlan was the only product in our test with a slip up. After the infection, the product was also affected and therefore was not able to restore any files from backup.”

While many backup solutions available today offer a backup plan for ransomware attack, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the only product tested and proven to actively protect against ransomware. Why take a chance? You don’t even have to have a backup made of the corrupted files in order to recover them (though you really should have backups of everything, always!)

When it comes to data protection, you need a solution that gives you peace of mind, and Acronis True Image 2017 does just that.

Full report: AV-TEST: Data Protection and Backup Software Test

*It wasn’t really on a desert island as far as we know.  But the network was isolated by experts to protect innocent machines from being attacked.


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