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Fans of Acronis True Image are getting an early holiday gift. That’s because we’ve just released Update 2, which is loaded with enhancements and new features that make the world’s number one personal backup software even better.

With Update 2, Acronis enhances your control and user experience, expands the capabilities when creating boot media, and ensures mobile data is safe and secure.

Let’s take a closer look at the enhancements Update 2 brings to Acronis True Image 2018.

Improved user experience

A user-friendly solution is always the best way to ensure people regularly back up their data. While independent testing determined Acronis True Image is the easiest-to-use backup software available, Update 2 includes a few enhancements to make it even more manageable.

This update provides more visual information with an improved statistics diagram to better illustrate information on the Backup tab. Similarly, information about any recent recovery operations was added to the Activity tab.

Both of these changes mean you have even greater details about your data at a glance.

Continuous backup to the cloud

In addition to the user interface changes, Update 2 makes it easier to ensure your data is continuously protected. That’s because now both PC and Mac users have the ability to create nonstop backups to the cloud. A new calendar-based retention policy for nonstop backups to the cloud has been added for both platforms, and Mac users have a new “Nonstop” schedule setting for file-level backups.

So regardless of the operating system you prefer, ensuring that you are continuously backing up to the cloud has never been easier.

Enhanced boot media

One of the advantages of having Acronis True Image 2018 is that the Media Builder includes the ability to create WinPE boot media. Update 2 expands that capability by allowing you to add Wi-Fi support in your WinPE boot media. Now you can start your system and the pre-installation environment will operate your wireless devices.

With this update, Mac users can now add backup comments to the boot media they create, allowing them to annotate version information or details that they might want to refer to when starting their system using that media.

Adjustments to mobile backup

Smartphones and tablets are critical to our daily data use. As a result, Acronis continues to make changes to protect the data of mobile devices. With Update 2, Acronis True Image now allows users to set default destinations for mobile backups, so you can better manage the storage space.

We’ve also introduced a new default setting that prevents a computer from going to sleep while a mobile backup is in progress, ensuring that the files are protected as planned. And if the pairing between a mobile device and your computer gets disrupted for some reason, Update 2 enables you to reconnect the device quickly and easily.

Additional refinements

When it comes to restoring a system, Update 2 allows Mac users to recover an APFS-based system without using additional scripts.

This update also addresses some minor issues that were reported by users related to disabled connections/operations, license activations, and retention rules for cloud backups.

What’s more, all of the features you rely on are still available, such as the ability to clone an active disk, create WinPE boot media, back up social media content from Facebook and Instagram, and automatically back up mobile devices to your PC, Mac or NAS via Wi-Fi.

For a full list of enhancements and fixes included in Update 2, please refer to the release notes.

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